1. Sing at the top of your lungs.

2. Play hide-and-seek in a big store.

3. Go to Mardi Gras

4. Go on a booze cruise.

5. Make a time capsule.

6. Give each other makeovers, or buy an outfit for each other.

7. Cook a fancy dinner.

8. Take an epic road trip.


9. Pull an all-nighter together.

10. People-watch at the park or mall.

11. Talk in different accents for an entire day.

12. Go gambling.

13. Try a new DIY or craft.

14. Learn a new language together.

15. See an embarrassingly sexy movie.

16. Travel abroad together.


17. Get matching tattoos.

18. Volunteer together.

19. Watch a TV series marathon.

20. Visit Disneyland.

21. Swap identities for a day.

22. Go on a spa day.

23. Prank call friends.

24. Go to a concert.


25. Create a playlist for each other.

26. Go out wearing coordinating outfits.

27. Read a book together.

28. Take a fashion risk. (eg. shorter hair or neon clothes)

29. Carve your initials into a tree.

30. Go on a camping trip.

31. Hike up a mountain & howl at the top of your lungs.

32. Throw a surprise party for one another.


33. Try an extreme sport.

34. Plan out your futures.

35. Bake something way out of your league.

36. Make a dessert that is way above your skill level.

37. Get matching manicures or haircuts.

38. Spend a holiday with each other’s families.

39. Spend a whole day shopping.

40. Visit the beach for a week.

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