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A new survey from Northwestern University is finding that having a sense of purpose in life might help you sleep at night.

(This isn’t the only way to get better snooze time either. Here are 5 ways to sleep better every night.)

Researchers assessed more than 800 people from age 60 to 100 on their self-reported sleep quality and motivations in life. Those who reported more meaning in their lives were less likely to suffer from sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome, in addition to having an overall higher sleep quality, according to a study published in Sleep Science and Practice.

An estimated 32 to 45 percent of older adults report some type of difficulty with sleeping, whether it’s getting to sleep or staying asleep. Even though this study focused on those older than 60, these findings can be applied to the population at large. If further research proves this wrong, you might not feel cheated by going after a more purposeful life just because the sleep benefits won’t come until later in life.

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