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Introducing The Amazing Brain

Get ready for some brain-boosting powers! A new study in the British Journal of Nutrition found people who eat citrus fruit often may be less likely to get dementia.

The Study

More than 13,000 elderly Japanese adults ate citrus fruit almost every day and researchers discovered that those people were 23 percent less likely to develop dementia after a near six-year follow up than those who consumed the produce two or fewer times a week.

Researchers also accounted for other factors – like consumption of vegetables and other fruits – but the relationship between citrus fruit consumption and dementia didn’t change much.


Citrus may have something in it that is protecting your brain. Mandarin oranges were eaten the most where the study was performed. The researchers hypothesize these fruits contain certain flavonoids, which may protect neurons in the brain with their anti-inflammatory properties.

Further research is necessary, but there’s not much downside to upping your fruit intake. Another study uncovered that the more fruit you eat, the lower your risk for diabetes, certain cancers and more!

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