5 Cuts Of Steak You Need To Try

Heart disease, cancer, stroke, oh my! Contrary to what you hear in the news, research reveals that the evils of beef are a bunch of bull. Red meat can be a nutrient rich addition to your diet. Plus, unprocessed red meat delivers zinc, selenium, iron, B vitamins and fatty acids.

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1. Sirloin Top

Located below the tenderloin, this lean succulent cut is ideal for tacos and burritos because it bites off easily when served in strips. Sear the whole cut, and then slice it up! This is a lean cut so get some fat in there too – sour cream, avocado or cheese.

2. Sirloin Flap

This cut is the flap of muscle covering the sirloin. It’s rich in fat and can be tough if cooked incorrectly. Cube the meat and sear it to medium rare in a skillet. Only a few minutes on each side. Serve with sautéed vegetables or stir into a curry.

3. Rib Eye

Salt and pepper are the only spices needed for this savory cut. Serve with sweet potatoes or another starch.

4. Beef Heart

Lean, gamey and can be tough if overcooked. Cube it, skewer it, brush with your preferred sauce and grill to medium rare. Feel free to reenact the Temple of Doom scene.

5. Flat Iron Steak

Your butcher might not let you get your hands on this one. This cut is from the shoulder and tastes amazing. The fat melts in with the protein for a really rich chewy bite if seared over high heat.

Time to burn off that piece of meat. Here are some exercises you can do.

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