Benefits of Stronger Hips

Integrate hip flexor exercises into your workout to better yourself in athletic and sporting activities. Don't let weak hips throw off your balance.

Importance of the Hips

  • Primary force producing joints and involves virtually every lower-body movement including squats, jumping, running and lifting.
  • Assists in balance (twists, throws, presses)
  • Optimal hips generate force when you’re moving forward, backward, laterally and up-and-down.
  • Weak hips will often adversely effect the glutes, core and lower-body.
  • Few have optimal hips because of sedentary lifestyles.

Benefits of Stronger Hips

  • More efficient workouts: Stable, mobile hips allow for better execution of squats.
  • Reduced back pain: Loosen up your hips and engage your glutes so you don’t burden your back.
  • Less knee pain: Stronger hips help with leg alignment, while weaker hips may result in more stress on other joints.
  • Better balance: The core is better activated when the hips aren’t tight. Extra core engagement will help maintain proper posture.

Warning Signs of Hip-Related Injuries

  • Intense tolerable pain in groin area.
  • Pop in hip when lowering into lunge, mountain climbers or standing up.
  • Sharp pinch in hip crease when squatting.
Consult a physician if these signs persist.

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