7 Exercises To Spice Up Your Workout Routine

Tired of the same old, same old? Hitting individual muscles isn't enough sometimes. Throw these exercises into your workout to really test your strength.

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Slaving away over rusty iron isn’t the only way to build a muscular physique. Yes, you might be required to put forth some hard work, but you won’t have to train five or more days each week to see results. Save time and lift heavy.

Each exercise has a link to an external video showing the exercise.

7. Clapping Pushups


6. Turkish Get-Up

Turkish what?

5. Kettlebell Swing Squats

How do you do that?!

4. Medicine Ball Slams

Not for your average neighborhood gym!

3. Burpees

Gym class all over again.

2. Deadlift-to-Overhead Press

Do you enjoy being sore or something?

1. Box Jumps

You probably can’t do these anyways.

For added difficulty, do all of these in one workout. I dare you.

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