Health Benefits Of Training With A Heavy Bag

The heavy bag is a beautiful piece of equipment that has been utilized by many professionals. In addition to the amazing workout, you can improve aerobic fitness, power, and coordination.

Health Benefits Of Training With A Heavy Bag

1. Low Cost And Minimal Equipment

Once you have a heavy bag, the rest requires minimal equipment. It’s smart to offset injury with a warm-up and wearing hand-warps to absorb the harsh impact – lessening the chances for osteoarthritis later in life. All you need is a flat surface, a nice pair of shoes and around three feet of space around the bag.

2. Lowered Stress Levels

Apart from the stress on the hands, it has been accepted that hitting the bag removes negative stress. Although many forms of exercise offer stress-countering benefits, boxing is unique physically exhausting, aggressive activity, which demands complete concentration. Be sure to use good technique – the built-up toxins being held by the body will be released.

3. Improved Body Shape

Hitting the bag is a solid workout that will add detail the muscles and strip fat. Shoulders will round, biceps will become defined and hardness should increase in many of the underlying muscles at work. A 180 lb. person will burn nearly 500 calories within 60 minutes of exercise. Anyone’s physique can be enhanced.

4. Increased Self Defense Skills

Heavy bags are an ideal solution for practicing self-defense techniques. Simply imagine the bag as an opponent; time your hits and movements as if the bag was throwing punches. Swing the bag to make it a moving target – this will improve hand-eye coordination and the workout’s real-life application. Not only will your body be conditioned but your mind too. Knowing you’re able to throw an accurate, strong punch may give you the mental edge in a fight with an attacker.

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5. Improved Coordination And Core Stability

Moving around the bag and throwing combination punches will improve coordination. Shift weight from one foot to the other, stay on your toes and throw specific jabs. Stay focused and you too can gain the poise, balance, and figure of the late Bruce Lee.

6. Improved Power

The heavy bag was designed for boxers to enhance their punching power. You gain the opportunity to use as many muscles as possible when deploying a strong blow. Plus, the bag never hits back. Main muscles exercised in heavy bag training include shoulders, arms, back, chest, waist, and core. The legs are also used to generate power to the upper body. Straight punches will develop power in the shoulders and chest (jab and right cross), while hooks and uppercuts will utilize the back and arms.

7. Improved Aerobic Fitness

Training at the right intensity will greatly work the cardiorespiratory system. Shifting around the bag and throwing full speed punches will add an anaerobic (higher intensity) dimension and adding to the aerobic workload. Sessions should last for a minimum of two minutes. Professionals can sustain their high-intensity sessions and movement for three minutes (or longer). High-intensity periods will cut time and provide a greater overall workout.

Benefits Of Training With A Heavy Bag

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