20 Scrumptious Vanilla Cupcake Recipes

You can never go wrong with cupcakes – so never go wrong again!!! Enjoy these 20 scrumptious vanilla cupcake recipes…

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1. Berries & Cream Cupcakes

Berries and Cream Cupcakes – mixed berry buttercream paired with a moist vanilla cupcake stuffed with whipped cream cheese filling, topped with fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

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2. Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar Swirl Cupcakes

This Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar Swirl Cupcakes recipe is often requested for social gatherings.  These cupcakes are light, fluffy, and full of cinnamon deliciousness.  After all these years of making different types of cupcakes, these are the ones people remember!  Surprisingly easy to make, these cupcakes don’t disappoint!

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3. Vegan & GF Vanilla Cupcakes

These vegan vanilla cupcakes are the perfect mid-week treat: quick and easy to make, as well as ridiculously delicious. At the same time, they can easily be tweaked to be the centerpiece at any celebration – these gluten-free vegan cupcakes are bound to become your favorite go-to cupcake recipe!

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4. Homemade Vanilla Cupcakes

Who here loves CUPCAKES?! We sure love them in our family. During the holidays, we especially love to make (and devour) homemade versions like today’s Vanilla Cupcakes recipe. Making them from a box is easier at times, but this recipe was so good you may never want to try a box version ever again!

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5. Grain-Free & Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

We are so obsessed with all things chocolate that sometimes we forget it’s amazing counterpart, vanilla. It has an understated elegance– though not as rich as chocolate, it is deeply aromatic and soothing in flavor. And though they do pair beautifully together, it’s sometimes nice to encounter them individually, appreciating the particular allure and flavor specific to each one.

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6. Strawberry Vanilla Cupcakes

These Strawberry Vanilla Cupcakes with Strawberry Vanilla Icing will most definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

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7. Kiwi Vanilla Cupcakes

Kiwi Vanilla Cupcakes.jpg

I never came out and said this but, I had a fear of frosting cupcakes. Not like a ‘I think the cupcake is going to bite my hand off’ fear. Like a ‘I don’t know how to pipe frosting and it looks scary, what if I mess it up’ kind of fear.

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8. Moist Vanilla Cupcake Recipes

These vanilla cupcakes will blow your mind! I know this is a strong statement but they are so moist and bursting with vanilla flavor, you just won’t believe it! They’re nothing like those dry ultra fluffy bakery cupcakes they make you sad and full of regret, these are worth it!

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9. Perfectly Moist & Fluffy Vanilla Cupcakes

These Vanilla Cupcakes are light, fluffy and incredibly moist! Topped with a creamy and Dreamy Vanilla Buttercream, these are the best cupcakes for a birthday party or any event!

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10. The Best Vanilla Cupcakes & Coffee Buttercream

Fluffy & delicious ~ These are truly the BEST vanilla cupcakes with the BEST coffee buttercream frosting.  A double sweet treat, for sure!

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11. Mother’s Day Vanilla Cupcakes with Rose Petal Buttercream Icing

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and that means getting out all your cute, feminine recipes to treat your mama! One of my favorite treats to make are these vanilla cupcakes with rose petal buttercream icing.

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12. Wild Blackberry Vanilla Cupcakes

Wild blackberries make the perfect accent flavor.

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13. Easy Orange Vanilla Cupcakes

These Easy Orange Vanilla Cupcakes are so easy to make and taste like an orange creme popsicle!

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14. Vanilla Cupcakes with Strawberry Whipped Cream Frosting

We went through rounds and rounds of vigorous testing until two out of three of them said these were the best vanilla cupcakes that they had ever had in their lives! It took many, many months of hard work and quite a few tears (when, after tons of testing, I feared that I was chasing the impossible).

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15. The Perfect Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Fresh off of a weekend with a bunch of girlfriends celebrating a bride-to-be, it’s back to business this morning. My friend Katy is getting married in a couple months and we hung out up in the poconos, rented a boat, cheers’d to the bride, and laughed the whole darn time. But this morning I’m trading my sunglasses for my nerd glasses…

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16. Favorite Vanilla Cupcakes

These perfect Vanilla Cupcakes will easily become your go-to recipe! This is the BEST Vanilla Cupcake Recipe EVER!

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17. Easy Moist Vanilla Cupcakes

These Moist Vanilla Cupcakes are super easy to make and so moist – for days! They are my new favorite vanilla cupcake!

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18. Bakery Style Vanilla Cupcakes

Best Bakery-Style Vanilla Cupcakes that are so easy to make at home. Perfect for parties, holidays & all celebrations. Better than anything you can buy! YUM!

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19. Simple & Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes

Classic Vanilla Cupcakes are my favorite! And you’ll be surprised how easy they are to make from scratch.

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20. The Best Vanilla Cupcakes

This recipe makes the best vanilla cupcakes! They’re moist, full of vanilla flavor and topped with fluffy buttercream frosting.

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