20 Lunch Sandwiches To Get Excited About

Who ever said lunch was boring? These 20 lunch sandwiches will excite your taste buds with each and every bite. Oh, don’t forget a cold beverage to wash it down!

1. Grilled Chicken Melt with Pesto

Can you think of a more perfect late spring or summer meal than a Grilled Chicken Melt with Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomato Spread? I can’t. Tender, juicy grilled chicken thighs topped with creamy, gooey, melted fresh mozzarella, fragrant pesto, and flavourful Sun-Dried Tomato Spread on a toasted ciabatta bun screams warm weather. Grilled Chicken Melt with Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomato Spread is an ideal recipe for entertaining in warmer months by virtue of both its beauty and ease of preparation.

From: FoodieWithFamily

2. Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Cabbage Slaw

Oh man, fried chicken is just the best isn’t it? Especially these buttermilk fried chicken sandwiches with cabbage slaw and sriracha mayo!

From: TheCookReport

3. Spicy Korean Steak Toasted Sandwich

Whoa! I just created the mother of all toasties! This Korean Steak Sandwich might just be the best butty you’ve ever eaten!

From: KitchenSanctuary

4. Tator Tot Grilled Cheese & Bacon Waffle Sandwich

Why is this the most amazing grilled bacon and cheddar sandwich ever? Because instead of bread, we used waffles. But not just normal waffles — these are made out of tater tots.

From: TipHero

5. Chicken Pesto Panini

The chicken pesto and mozzarella panini recipe is actually a revision of a much older post. Same recipe but a slightly different method. About a month ago someone found their way to my site by Googling “chicken pesto panini without the grill” No idea who they were but it inspired me. I see you, chicken pesto panini without the grill! So I said to myself…GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. So here we are.

From: KitchenSwagger

6. Turkey Avocado BLT Croissant Sandwich

This Turkey Avocado BLT Croissant Sandwich, made with high-quality ingredients, is so much better than anything you can get at your local restaurant chain!

From: CulinaryHill

7. Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

You haven’t had French Dip Sandwiches until you try this French Dip Recipe!  These French Dips have rave reviews for a reason – they are rave-worthy!  The meat is cooked low and slow, sliced then put back in the slow cooker so it drinks up all the juices and becomes melt-in-your-mouth tender.  Pile that juicy beef on to a golden toasted bun smothered with gooey cheese then dunk in flavor bursting au jus and you quite possibly the most delectably delicious bite of. your. life.

From: CarlsBadCravings

8. Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I found a recipe for Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Closet Cooking that looked like something we would like.

From: SimplyStacie

9. Grilled Pineapple Pork Sandwiches

I pinkie promise that this recipe has nothing to do with my personal love and adoration of grilled pineapple and everything to do with making something nice and meat-lovery for Dad. See how thoughtful I am? Just because my thoughtfulness just happens to come through via my food obsessions doesn’t mean that this is about me.

From: PinchOfYum

10. Ultimate Rainbow Veggie Sandwich

The key to a delicious sandwich is how you treat the vegetables.  I like mine paper thin and in abundance.

From: ScalingBackBlog

11. Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwiches are sure to satisfy any buffalo chicken craving!

From: GreensNChocolate

12. Easy Cheesy Vegan Spinach Pesto Grilled Cheese

This easy cheesy vegan spinach pesto grilled cheese is ready to straight-up rock your socks off! This plant-based sandwich is SO MELTY!

From: PeasAndCrayons

13. Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Easy and a must-try!

From: CompleteRecipes

14. Grilled Chicken Cheese Sandwich

After a long day at work, you close the door of the apartment with your last strength, you drop all things and you just want to get on the couch. But hunger is slowly getting bigger. But still expensive to cook now? Oh no! Soup and expensive pizza delivery service are also not an option. Luckily you’ve seen this outrageously tasty Grilled Chicken Cheese sandwich in Springlane magazine recently. Shredded chicken with onions, spring onions, parsley, mountain and blue cheese fried in butter between 2 slices of toast. Boom!

From: SpringLane

15. Grilled Chicken Sandwich

A minute can feel really short, but can also feel like an eternity. It kind of depends on which side of the toilet door you are standing, right? Time is in itself a weird phenomena, when you think about it. A lot of people shout out that time is money. And I also hear equally often that people have no time. So if you have no time that means you’re really poor? So quite sad if you have no time.

From: InSimonesKitchen

16. Chili Cheese Sandwich

A chili cheese sandwich that lasts long into the night and manifests itself even in beautiful dreams. Crispy toasted white bread with a thin layer of mayo. Slowly melting cheddar, which combines with strong spicy gorgonzola to a perfect symbiosis. Crisp, crunchy bacon, a sharp-sour kick through the jalapenos and, to top it off, dried, dried French herbs.

From: SpringLane

17. Sloppy Joe Sandwich

Roast the meat, split the bread and grill your sandwich with juicy hack and melting cheddar – you’re ready to enjoy the end of the day.

From: SpringLane

18. Cuban Sandwich

The Cuban Sandwich (Cubano) ~ a hearty and delicious combination of sweet ham, juicy tender pork, melted Swiss cheese, dill pickles with a nice bite from a slathering of yellow mustard.  The original Cuban sandwich was invented in a Key West cafe popular with the local Cuban workers.  The first variation included salami but ham later became the standard.

From: SavingDessert

19. Grilled Chicken Pesto Panini

Warm crusty bread in my eyes and melted bubbly cheese on my mind. I can’t get enough of it all. I plan on making nothing but panini for the remainder of my life. Every single day. I mean, unless I’m craving some pizza or soup or salad or something. Okay, maybe not every day. That’s not realistic, but definitely every other day. That’s for sure.

From: TheCandidAppetite

20. Pizza Margherita Grilled Cheese

These Pizza Margherita Grilled Cheeses combine all your favorite ingredients from a classic pizza Margherita and stuff them in between two slices of bread…

From: CookingForKeeps

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