20 Books To Change Your Mindset & Bank Statement

The right knowledge and mindset can propel your life miles down the road to success. The following 20 books can help shape your future.

10 Books To Change Your Mindset­

1: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The biggest complaint about this book is that it doesn’t ‘make you money’, but that’s not what it was meant to do. It’s to show you the difference in thinking between the wealthy and the poor. I recommend you read it if you haven’t already.

2: Think & Grow Rich

Everything you think can become something and with riches comes a shift in your state of mind – almost automatically. This book teaches you to find your one major purpose in life and use that burning desire to grow personally and financially.

3: The Millionaire Mind

            People are born with no preconceptions about money, and Eker will explain how you were programmed over the years to think a certain way. This book is all about reprogramming your mind on the matter of money.

  1. The Power Of Habit

            Habits are emerge without our express permission, and this book can educate you on how to create (and manage) new habits, put together a cue, and build a new routine. Designing habits to help you manage your time and keep you productive; which is essential to earning more money.

  1. The Ten Roads To Riches (also Income)

            This book teaches you about the ten primary ways to go from nothing to something. Find out what path you want to take and then begin making the steps

6: How Rich People Think

            One of the best books for getting out of the broke mindset is right here. Change every thought, opinion, and idea you have about money into thinking exactly how a wealthy man (or woman) would.

7: The Mashmallow Test (also Income)

            A brilliant book on understanding self-control and how you can master your own. You get to dive into Dr. Mischel’s groundbreaking studies that explore willpower, cognitive skills, and mental mechanisms to overcome challenges in everyday life.

8: Rich Habits

            This book is short, sweet, and addresses what should be obvious (but sometimes isn’t) in business and money. You can finish it in under a couple hours and can adapt the suggestions to your life today.

9: 40 Unbreakable Laws Of Money (also Income)

            The unbreakable laws of money is FULL of “real world” content and can rewire your thinking about making money and keeping money. Based on solid principles and may give you a slight edge up on the competition.

10: The Secret (Hear Me Out…)

This book can help you visualize your goals and start moving towards them, but it’s definitely NOT a secret or THE answer. No matter how much you chant or look in the mirror, you won’t get what you want. However, thinking about what you want 24/7 can pave the path in your mind to accomplish those things.

10 Books To Change Your Skillset & Increase Income

1: Become An Idea Machine

            Force yourself out of your comfort zone and improve your creativity. This book teaches you to meet new people, go on adventures, and train your brain. You’ll eventually learn to have so many ideas that you won’t care when someone decides to ‘steal’ one.

2: Persuasion

            No, you won’t become a master of persuasion after you read this book, but when you put the subject matter to the test – it works. Be able to recognize feelings and the intentions of others with a fairly short (and somewhat dry) read.

3: Hot Button Marketing

            Learn about the rational and the real reasons why customers buy from you. Target specific emotions that move people from contemplation to checkout.

4: Mind Hacking (also Mindset)

            Another book that has a lot to do with removing negative thoughts, habits, and anxiety from your mind. Throughout these step-by-step training, you will learn how to program your brain like a coder would a computer.

5: 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

            There are seven key insights from this book and they are need-to-know. A few of the insights address not working yourself to death, having clear and defined goals, influencing the world around you, and synergizing with a group of people.

6: How To Win Friends & Influence People

            You can have everything you’ve ever wanted and Dale Carnegie will share his simple techniques to take you from socially awkward to confident and collected.

7: To Sell Is Human

            Everyone you’ve ever had a conversation with is trying to ‘sell’ you something. Whether it’s an idea, themselves, or an actual product/service. Daniel Pink explains that you’ve been selling your entire life – you just didn’t realize it.

8: Cashvertising

            Probably one of the best marketing books you will ever read! Most are dry and boring, but this one is a breath of fresh air. It’s written to convert inbound traffic into money in your pocket. It’s packed with research-based tips to help you write ads, emails, and online copy that is effective.

9: Words That Sell

            A simple but highly useful book filled with descriptive words to assist you in selling. The phrases aren’t outdated (although they might be cheesy) and can lead to more conversions and better copy. Written in 1994 but timeless.

10: Thinking Fast & Slow (also Mindset)

            An international bestseller that explains your two ways of thinking:

  1. Fast, Intuitive, & Emotional
  2. Slower, Deliberate, & Logical.

You can’t always trust how you think, and this book desires to show you the benefits of thinking another way. Use different techniques to avoid mental traps and trouble.

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