18 Tasty Shortbread Bar Recipes: Yummy Snacks

Shortbread bars are the perfect snack when paired with hot tea or coffee. They are nice and crisp with a smooth flavor. Enjoy these 18 tasty shortbread bar recipes…

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1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Shortbread Squares

The milk-chocolate topping of these cookies looks like the result of masterful piping, but it’s actually a cinch to make using a mold. Beneath the chocolate hides a layer of peanut butter on top of brown-sugar shortbread, all of them adding up to a treat that’s creamy and crumbly and rich throughout.

From: MarthaStewart

2. Chocolate Chip Shortbread Bar Cookies

Tender, buttery shortbread with a hint of almond and studded with mini chocolate chips. Quick, easy and delicious!

From: LoveAndOliveOil

3. Chocolate Toffee Almond Shortbread Bars

A thick shortbread bar covered in a gooey topping filled with chocolate, toffee, and almonds!

From: CrazyForCrust

4. Butter Tart Shortbread Bars

When it comes to dessert, there are two recipes that are a hot debate with Canadians, Butter Tarts, and Nanaimo Bars. Before I get into the reasons why trust me when I say this Butter Tart Shortbread Bars recipe will be on all your dessert platters from here on.

From: ThisLilPiglet

5. Lemon Truffle Shortbread Bars

These lemon truffle shortbread bars are like diving head first into a pan of creamy, cheesecake-ish, lemon bar heaven. Absolute perfection for lemon lovers!

From: MelsKitchenCafe

6. Caramel & Shortbread Bark

My delicious chocolate, caramel, and shortbread bark. For those of you that check in with me regularly, you will know that I am fond of making a little bark from time to time. The reason for this is actually a no-brainer – it’s bloomin’ delicious and unbelievably easy to make!

From: TheCulinaryJumble

7. Salted Caramel Chocolate Shortbread Tarts

There’s just something about that particular flavor balance that keeps people wanting just one more bite.  If you haven’t tried it yet because you think salt on a dessert is weird, don’t worry I totally get it.

From: EveryDayAnnie

8. Cinnamon Dusted Shortbread Bars

This shortbread cookie recipe makes some of the best shortbread cookies I’ve ever had The bars are light and tender and the cinnamon sugar topping gives them a little flair.

From: BunsInMyOven

9. Pumpkin Pie Shortbread Bars

I love pumpkin so much that it’s basically my husband, but honestly? I don’t get pumpkin pie. What’s with that stuff? There’s always way too much custard to taste any crust. And the crust is usually just a soggy mess anyway. The whipped cream is always a tragically tiny dollop. And this is a Thanksgiving staple? It’s just sad.

So I fixed it for you.

From: WillowBirdBaking

10. Salted Caramel Buttery Crumb Bars

Sweetsaltygooey, deliciousness! What do these words have in common? They’re just a few words to describe that golden goodness we call salted caramel. Salted Caramel desserts are the perfect treat for anyone seeking that salty sweet combination. We have a loaded list of salted caramel goodies sure to please you and anyone you share them with!

From: NoBiggie

11. Almond Cream Cheese Shortbread Bars

I love almond extract more than almonds themselves. I could bathe in it.

And I can eat frosting that’s made with almond extract by the spoonful.

From: AverieCooks

12. Coconut Pie Bars

These Gooey Coconut Pie Bars are an easy dessert recipe! They have a shortbread crust and a gooey coconut filling. Perfect for coconut lovers!

From: CrazyForCrust

13. Millionaire’s Shortbread

This Millionaire’s Shortbread is the perfect trifecta: Sweet simple, crisp shortbread, rich chewy, homemade caramel, and thick dark chocolate ganache. Sprinkle everything off with a scattering of sea salt and you have a decadently rich treat that lives up to every penny of its lucrative name.

From: SugarSpunRun

14. Pecan Pie Shortbread Bars

Stop don’t say anything…I know I know…Pecan Pie Shortbread Bars are one of my most loved sweet treats too. Buttery and soft shortbread topped with pecan nuts and lots of brown sugar and honey. Lots of sugar and honey? Yes, and it’s absolutely ok because you aren’t looking for some healthy food, are you?

From: AlsoTheCrumbsPlease

15. Classic Lemon Bars with Shortbread Crust

Classic Lemon Bars with Shortbread Crust Recipe – Buttery crust and fresh and tangy lemon curd on top. A simple dessert you can make any time of the year.

From: CookingLSL

16. Apple Crisp Shortbread Bars

Fall is in the air and school is back in!! Sorry, you know I had to glow-on for a moment there…it’s the most wonderful time of the years after all. With this time of year comes fun times visiting apple orchards and mounds of apples all over my kitchen. One of my fav recipes combines shortbread and apples…how can that be wrong?

From: SoberJulie

17. Gooey Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread Bars

Let’s see how much butter I can cram into an 8×8-inch pan was what I was thinking when I made the bars. The more butter, the merrier. Just a half pound, no biggie.

From: AverieCooks

18. RhuBars

I’m giving you Rhubarb Bars. Or, as I keep thinking of them, RhuBars. Sadly, it is true. I am not beyond making a recipe because of a really bad pun.

From: LaFerronia

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