18 Healthy Homemade Pie Recipes For Dessert

Just because you hear and see pie, doesn’t mean it’s going to completely destroy your daily diet. As long as it is one of these… These pies are simple, delicious, and a lot healthier than classic pies. Enjoy these 18 healthy homemade pie recipes…

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1. Peanut Butter Cup Cool Whip Pie

Cream cheese and peanut butter layered with whipped cream and chopped Reese’s Cup minis in a chocolate Oreo cookie crust – the perfect, no-bake dessert!

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2. Easy Lemon Cream Pie

This EASY Lemon Cream Pie is full of lemon flavor and made with only a few ingredients! An easy-to-prep NO-BAKE lemon pie recipe that comes together in minutes and is so delicious.

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3. Super Healthy Snickers Pie

THE SNICKERS PIE RECIPE IS HERE!  I repeat – the gluten free, refined sugar-free, paleo, vegan, raw, ooey gooey chocolatey caramelly peanut butter-y Snickers Pie recipe is here.  This pie is such a star – it’s super easy to make (I do it all in one food processor, without washing between) and it will wow health-conscious and non-health conscious guests alike.

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4. 3-Ingredient Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie Cups

These Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie Cups are like mini apple pies with a pillowy soft crust and a velvety apple pie filling. They’re a mouthwatering, bite-size dessert you can easily make with only 3 ingredients in 20 minutes!

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5. Brown Sugar Peach Crumble Pie

After about 8 days of recipe testing– and 4 peach pies later– I cracked the code. The filling is sturdy with plenty of juicy peach chunks throughout. The crumble keeps it shape, while some of its butter melts down creating an even richer peach pie filling experience. Because eating this homemade peach crumble pie is most certainly an experience to savor this summer.

From: SallysBakingAddiction

6. Amish Oatmeal Pie Recipe

At certain times in history, during the Civil War, for example, pecans and other nuts were very expensive and hard to find, and people needed to come up with creative, new ways to make delicious desserts…and thank goodness for their innovation, because otherwise, we wouldn’t have this tasty, pecan pie-esque Amish pie.

From: 12Tomatoes

7. Snickerdoodle Apple Pie Bites

Snickerdoodle Apple Pie Bites are the perfect dessert to take to all of those holiday parties! With the snickerdoodle cookie mix, they are SO easy to make!

From: ButterWithASideOfBread

8. Easy Strawberry Hand Pies

These easy strawberry hand pies have a cream cheese crust and are filled with homemade strawberry pie filling! This strawberry hand pie recipe is perfect for spring or summer dessert!

From: ALatteFood

9. Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Hello folks! Rita here. Christmas is only 4 days away, and now is the perfect time to share what we will be preparing for dessert over the holidays. We promised you guys a Sweet Potato Pie, and here it is!

From: CocoonCooks

10. Caramel Apple Pie Bread Pudding

CARAMEL APPLE PIE BREAD PUDDING! Oh my! You combined apple pie and bread pudding?! I must try this. It looks and sounds incredible! Perfect for dessert, or even breakfast!

From: CakesCottage

11. Peach Hand Pies

Dessert is ready in 30 minutes with these Glazed Peach Hand Pies! The flaky crust and spicy cinnamon filling are the perfect combo in a hand pie, plus they’re baked not fried!

From: ShugarySweets

12. Healthy Key Lime Pie Recipe

Ever dreamt of a Healthy Key Lime Pie without the healthy taste? Your prayers have been answered! It’s got the perfect combination of tart and sweet, rich and creamy, and healthy and delicious! You’d never know this tangy, sweet, and ultra creamy pie recipe is low in sugar, low fat, high protein, and gluten-free!

From: DessertsWithBenefits

13. Chocolate Avocado Silk Pie

This gluten free dairy free Chocolate Avocado Silk Pie is made from bananas and a gluten-free cookie crust.  It has a sinfully rich texture but is much healthier than a regular pie.  Chocolate and avocado are a perfect match in this healthier chocolate silk pie!

From: PetiteAllergyTreats

14. Healthy Apple Hand Pies

Apple Hand Pies are flaky puff pastry squares filled with homemade (easy) apple pie filling. They’re a simpler alternative to apple pie that you can hold in your hand!

From: YummyHealthyEasy

15. Clean Eating Pecan Pie

No one will ever guess that this delicious Pecan Pie is clean eating, paleo friendly, gluten-free and refined sugar-free! Made with an almond flour crust, heart healthy coconut oil, and sweetened with pure maple syrup, this healthier dessert looks and tastes just as good as the original!

From: FeelGreatIn8

16. Chocolate Avocado Pie

This pie changed my life.  I won’t say any more because, really, you just have to make this and eat it…and then eat it again. And I won’t begin to waste your time reading my review of it, because, well, then you would have less time to ingest the amazingness that is this pie.

From: ThisOrginialOrganicLife

17. Impossibly Easy Sweet Potato Paleo Pie

Impossibly EASY Paleo Sweet Potato Pie with coconut is a paleo sweet potato pie recipe that’s IMPOSSIBLE to mess up! Made with simple, healthy ingredients! This easy sweet potato pie forms its own crust while baking. Ahh, yes, so good!

From: CotterCrunch

18. Easy Peanut Butter Pie

This no-bake peanut butter pie is just about impossible to mess up, and who in their right mind could resist the killer combination of peanut butter and hot fudge?

From: CDKitchen

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