17 Luscious Lime Recipes: Desserts, Drinks, & Dinner

Anything made with lime is good, but these recipes are addictive. This fruit goes great with drinks, desserts, and entrees – enjoy these 17 lime recipes…

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1. Key Lime Pie Squares

You need less than 10 ingredients to make my Key Lime Pie Bars. These squares are zesty, filled with lime juice and are the perfect springtime dessert!

From: LittleSpiceJar

2. Homemade Lime Sherbert

Creamy homemade lime sherbert, bursting with flavor! A fun frozen treat to cool off with.

From: BakedByRachel

3. Perfect Pitcher Margaritas

I know, I know, it’s freezing out…well at least in the Chicagoland area it’s freezing. You are probably thinking “who makes margaritas when there is snow on the ground?” Margaritas are probably one of my favorite drinks to make. This recipe is a for a pitcher that is sure to have plenty to go around.

From: TwoSistersKitchens

4. Chili Lime Baked Potato Chips

Chili Lime Baked Potato Chips Recipe – Simple to make, delicious and homemade baked potato chips flavored with fresh lime juice and chili powder.

From: Diethood

5. Tequila Lime Coleslaw

Who loves a great coleslaw?  Instead of the traditional sweet and tangy, this recipe has great depth of flavor, with the awesome zip from the lime.  It’s great on it’s own, or piled on top of a great burger, some tacos, grilled flank steak or barbecue!

From: TheChunkyChef

6. Key Lime Cooler Cookies

Key lime cooler cookies are soft, buttery, and bursting with fresh key lime flavor!

From: FlavorTheMoments

7. Coconut Lime Bread

Are you still in need of something for your Easter brunch? Then allow me to suggest this gorgeous Coconut-Lime Bread.

From: FloatingKitchen

8. Lime Bundt Cake

Lime desserts are an absolute favorite of mine. The sweet and tart combo is truly outstanding and can be used in so many different ways.  I’ve been loving the ease of bundt cakes lately so I thought a lime bundt cake was in order.

From: eBay

9. Cilantro Lime Rice

By keeping just a few ingredients on hand you’ll always have the option of whipping up this light, effervescent Cilantro Lime Rice.

From: MexicanPlease

10. Key Lime Cookies

This quick and easy key lime cookies recipe requires simple ingredients. They are sugary and crispy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside.

From: CakeWhiz

11. Chili Lime Shrimp

Chili Lime Shrimp – juicy and succulent shrimp marinated with chili and lime and grill/baked to perfection. So good and so easy!

From: RasaMalaysia

12. Slow Cooker Honey Lime Ginger Pork

Delicious and tender pork cooked in the slow cooker with a honey, lime, soy, garlic, and ginger infused marinade.  We loved it so much we had it twice in one week!

From: TheRecipeCritic

13.Mango Lime Grilled Chicken

Mango Lime Grilled Chicken features a sweet and spicy mango lime marinade that caramelizes perfectly on a hot grill. It’s perfect for your summer BBQ.

From: PlatingsAndPairings

14. Old Fashioned Limeade

This Old Fashioned Fresh Squeezed Limeade Recipe will transport you to a bygone era, when chatting and sipping in the old porch rocker was summertime itself. Fresh-squeezed lime juice combines with pure sugar in this simple recipe for a refreshingly sweet-tart summer sipper for everyone to enjoy.

From: ThroughtHerLookingGlass

15. Honey Lime Chicken

Honey Lime Chicken – crazy delicious chicken with honey lime. The BEST chicken that you can make for your family, takes only 20 mins!

From: RasaMalaysia

16. Chicken Pasta with Creamy Cilantro-Lime Alfredo

Chicken Pasta with Creamy Cilantro-Lime Alfredo Sauce – delicious spaghetti in a creamy white cheese sauce with lots of flavor! The sauce is made by cooking garlic, adding freshly squeezed lime juice and cilantro and then mixing everything in a homemade alfredo sauce!

From: JuliasAlbum

17. Super Easy Lime Bars

Super Easy Lime Bars. Using only 5 simple ingredients and a very quick preparation time, these refreshing lime bars are based on easiest and best lemon bar recipe I’ve ever tried in almost 40 years of baking.

From: RockRecipes

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