17 Creamy Coconut Smoothie Recipes

There’s nothing like a fruity, creamy shake after a great workout or for a meal replacement. You get lots of nutrients and also a lot more flavor. Find healthy and balanced, delicious coconut shake recipes below!

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1. Vegan Cauliflower Coconut Smoothie Mix

This Creamy Cauliflower Coconut Smoothie is the creamiest blend of whole food benefits … you ‘d have no suggestion it was veggie based!

Yes. Cauliflower. Frozen.

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2. Apple, Mint, & & Coconut Healthy smoothie

Today, I have actually decided to maintain Wednesday, lite as well as fit with this delicious, healthy, yet velvety environment-friendly smoothie!

Believe me! This 5-ingredient shake will make you yearn for, you read it right, CRAVE healthy smoothies for rest of the season! It is that tasty!

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3. Papaya & & Coconut Smoothie

I just got back from the oriental market as well as found these extra huge papayas. I haven’t had papaya in a very long time so I figured I buy a couple and use them for smoothie mixes.

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It ends up I likewise obtained tons of coconut milk so blending both was something that I really intended to experiment with. I simply like the coconut taste so I recognized this would be a terrific pinch hit me and my youngsters.

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4. Paleo Peach Coconut Healthy Smoothie

This peach coconut healthy smoothie is luscious, wonderful and also scrumptious without any dairy products or added sugar. Fresh ripe peaches make all the distinction in this easy paleo healthy smoothie.

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5. Soursop Coconut Smoothie

This Soursop Coconut Healthy smoothie is an invigoration as well as extremely healthy and balanced drink that will make you really feel excellent all the time!

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6. Delicious Chocolate Coconut Healthy Smoothie

Healthy smoothies offer a means of consuming raw active ingredients in amounts that ensure you obtain enough nutrients to assist in burning fat as well as maintain your body well-nourished. Here are simply a couple of smoothie mix dishes to assist you out on your fat burning trip:

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7. Coconut & & Smoothie mix

A tasty and revitalizing dish for a Coconut & & Healthy smoothie made with coconut milk, coconut water, frozen banana, and berries.

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8. Gluten- Very Coconut Healthy Protein Smoothie Mix

I lately tried making use of coconut milk in my smoothie mixes. It offers it the thick as well as luscious texture I enjoy + a slight coconut preference which is a plus too! I originally wished to attempt this smoothie mix with full-scale strawberries; utilizing both strawberry protein powder and also icy strawberries. However as I was all out of the latter, this became a tasty mix of all kinds of berries.

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9. Coconut Smoothie mix

Healthy And Balanced Coconut Smoothie Recipe! A sharp, pleasant method to fill up on probiotics and also nutrients.

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10. Raspberry Coconut Smoothie

This healthy and naturally sweetened raspberry coconut shake is dairy-free and vegan with the aid of some coconut milk!

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11. Coconut, Banana, & & Chocolate Morning Meal Smoothie Mix

This coconut, banana & & delicious chocolate breakfast smoothie is a tasty and healthy and balanced way to start the day and also the addition of oats will keep you filled out until lunch.

From: CharlottesLivelyKitchen

12. Coconut Healthy smoothie

Pleasant as well as rejuvenating, this Coconut Smoothie is just 115 calories and also 3 active ingredients!

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13. Pineapple Coconut Smoothie Mix

A simple and tasty 3-ingredient exotic smoothie mix, rupturing with pineapple as well as coconut flavors.

From: BakedByRachel

14. Blueberry Coconut Shake

This Blueberry Banana Coconut Smoothie mix is a wonderful very easy morning meal or treat. Coconut milk, bananas, blueberries, almond butter as well as yogurt mix with each other to make a flavor and protein packed smoothie mix!

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15. Pineapple Coconut Mango Smoothie

One sip of a pineapple coconut mango healthy smoothie, with its exotic fruit flavors, will certainly assist you feel like you’ve been whisked away to an exotic island resort! This simple smoothie mix dish is so refreshing!

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16. Coconut Smoothie

Coconut Smoothie. This healthy smoothie is filled with coconut flavor! Made with coconut milk and also various other natural ingredients, this is guaranteed the very best way to begin the day!

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17. Peanut Butter Chocolate Coconut Healthy Smoothie

Peanut Butter Chocolate Coconut Smoothie mix— a much better for you morning meal shake with velvety peanut butter, coconut flakes, cocoa powder, banana, and yogurt.

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