17 Breakfast Burrito Recipes: Quick Meals

Burritos are the perfect grab-and-go food in the morning. They’re quick and delicious. Enjoy these 17 breakfast burrito recipes…

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1. Ham, Egg, & Avocado Breakfast Burrito

I am a big fan of breakfast burritos. It’s easy to throw together some of your favorite foods, wrap them up, and eat them burrito-style for any meal of the day.

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2. Make Ahead Healthy Breakfast Burritos

These make-ahead breakfast burritos are a healthy choice for a quick morning meal that packs in protein.

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3. Spicy Egg & Potato Breakfast Burritos

These Spicy Egg and Potato Breakfast Burritos are the perfect way to wake up your taste buds!

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4. Protein-Packed Breakfast Burritos

This is meal prep at its finest! Make these delicious protein-packed breakfast burritos to have before work or school all week long!

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5. Avocado Breakfast Burrito

How’s everyone’s weekend going? I’m stopping in real quick here today to share these delicious avocado breakfast burritos. I think it’s no secret that breakfast foods are one of my very favorites.

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6. Spicy Chorizo, Potatoes, & Queso Blanco

Spicy chorizo, potatoes, and queso blanco come together to create flavorful, delicious Chorizo, Potato, and Queso Burritos!

From: CenterCutCook

7. Freezer Breakfast Burritos

Make-ahead breakfast burritos are loaded with your favorite fillings. Eggs, sausage, bacon and tater tots are topped with ooey gooey cheese, and fresh vegetables. Just make up this easy recipe and toss them in the freezer. Pop them in the microwave in the morning for an easy grab and go breakfast.

From: TheSlowRoastedItalian

8. Black Bean Breakfast Burritos

This Healthy Black Bean Breakfast Burrito Recipe features a hearty bean & hash brown filling with scrambled eggs, cheese, avocado, and salsa rolled into whole wheat tortillas. This is a great healthy breakfast idea that can also be made ahead.

From: Leelalicious

9. Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos

I don’t know about you but breakfast seems to be a constant struggle for me and my family. At least during the school year, it is. Between trying to get out the door to school and for work, it’s a race. So during the week, I’m really big on foods that can be handheld. It just makes it easier to grab and go. But, I need it to be brain food, ya know? Not an energy bar or a sugar-loaded bowl of cereal, because two hours later, they’ll be feeling the crash.

From: TheCountryCook

10. Loaded Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burritos are always a staple in our house. With Superbowl fast approaching can you think of a better way to start your morning.

From: SerenaBakesSimplyFromScratch

11. Chorizo Breakfast Burritos

It would be easy to give all the credit to the homemade chorizo in these epic breakfast burritos.  And it’s true, having access to a batch of authentic chorizo does amp them up a notch, but there’s a hidden reason that seems to make people gobble up these burritos.  Hint:  think green.

From: MexicanPlease

12. Simple Six-Ingredient Breakfast Burrito

Packed with flavor and protein, the easy breakfast burrito is a tasty way start a busy school day.

From: GarnishWithLemon

13. Breakfast Burrito Bonanza

Breakfast Burritos are the perfect meal to make ahead and freeze saving time during busy mornings!

From: MomOnTimeout

14. Freezer Breakfast Burritos

Meal prep over the weekend for the best burritos during the week. Loaded with tater tots, eggs, beans, and cheese, of course!!

From: DamnDelicious

15. Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Burritos

You’re going to love these freezer-friendly breakfast burritos! They’re easy to make, a breeze to customize and great for those rushed, chaotic mornings!

From: LifeMadeSimpleBakes

16. Easy Breakfast Burritos

Turn a skillet full of yummy breakfast food into heat and go quick and delicious breakfast burritos. You can adjust the ingredients to include your own favorites. I like to make a big batch of easy breakfast burritos and then freeze them so the kids can easily have a hot meal first thing in the morning even when we don’t have a lot of time.

From: 100Directions

17. Loaded Breakfast Burritos

This Breakfast Burrito is the perfect breakfast, or make a bunch and freeze them for those crazy mornings.

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