16 Nomtastic Nougat Recipes: Delicious & Nutty

The most delicious candy made from honey, nuts, and egg whites. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy these 16 nomtastic nougat recipes…

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16 Nomtastic Nougat Recipes: Delicious & Nutty

1. Layered Caramel Nougat Chocolate Slice

This slice is possibly one of the best things I’ve tasted. So much caramel, so much chocolate, some “nougatty” texture in there, some crunchy peanuts snuck in… basically layers and layers of all this good stuff? somewhat inspired by a Snickers bar.

From: UnconventionalBaker

2. Iced Nougat & Raspberry Terrine

This posh pud is much easier to prepare than it looks and can be made ahead of time.

From: BBCGoodFood

3. Nougat Noir

A killer dessert in 35 minutes.

From: Marmiton

4. Delicious Nougat

The highlight of my meal was Movida’s hot chocolate ganache pudding with vanilla bean ice-cream and nougat.  There isn’t anything new with a warm chocolate pudding with ice cream is there?  I mean, that’s always going to be a winner – but when you add Frank Camora’s nougat or turron – the combination of a warm chocolatey pudding, cold and creamy vanilla ice cream and then THAT nougat… the lady beside me must have suffered from some serious dessert envy because even if she had eaten half her dessert, she pointed to my plate and asked the waiter “give me exactly what she’s having!”.

From: Trissalicious

5. Nougat Terrine with Caramel

This is a beautiful dessert to end a special dinner. The nougat terrine looks very Christmassy speckled with red glacé cherries. It can be made in advance and kept in the freezer until you are ready to finish with the caramel.

From: OliveMagazine

6. Strawberry & Pistachio Nougat

Strawberry and pistachios combine perfectly in this nougat recipe. The freeze-dried strawberry powder gives a hint of strawberry flavor and delicate pink color, which contrasts with the vibrant green of the pistachios.

From: SousChef

7. Chocolate Almond Nougat

Gluten-Free Chocolate Almond Nougat Bars are a delicious blend of ground nuts, made into a semi-soft crust, and chocolate. They’re lovely for all occasions — especially holiday parties and cookie exchanges.

From: CookingOnTheWeekends

8. Nougat Baileys Tarte

Hello, dear ones,
You know what I’m looking forward to in autumn and winter? At the time of delicious hot drinks. While I like to drink iced tea in all its variations in summer, it may now be more hot tea, coffee, and cocoa.

From: Knusperstubchen

9. Pistachio, Walnut, & Coconut Nougat

Pistachio Walnut Nougat.jpg

Everyone can bake a cookie, but what if we were forced to be a little more creative? Forced to step out of our comfort zone and push ourselves to try something that we’ve never tried before. Well, let me tell you, making sweets is definitely a challenge – which 55 Australian bloggers found out.

From: ChewTown

10. Pistachio Hazelnut Nougat

You can’t go wrong with this true nougat option.

From: BlogLovin

11. Cranberry Pistachio Nougat

Nougat is a classic crowd pleaser and with this festive recipe, everyone will be asking for more.

From: Taste

12. Chewy Chocolate Nougat Cookies

They’re soft, chewy and chocolatey and made a million times more delicious with chunks of melted nougat (which equals even more wonderful chewiness!).

From: SimplyStacie

13. Australian Gourmet Traveller

What’s not to love about a Snickers bar? All the elements are here, but if you don’t feel like making your own nougat, you could always scatter some diced nougat in the base of the tart instead. The caramel is dark, verging on bitter, while a good whack of salt cuts through some of the sweetness – extra roasted salted peanuts on top can only be a good thing.

From: GourmetTraveller

14. Pistachio Nougat

This traditional nougat recipe features the flavors of pistachios and delicate rosewater. Rosewater can often be found in the Middle Eastern sections of grocery stores or in specialty food stores.

From: TheSpruceEats

15. Craisin & Pistachio Nougat

Wrap these beautiful craisin and pistachio nougat in cellophane and festive ribbon, and share with your loved ones.

From: MindFood

16. Matcha Black Sesame Nougat Chews

I wish I could spend an entire day making batch after batch of these matcha black sesame nougat chews so I could send you each a bag of them. What I really wish is that you all had food printers and could just print out a batch of these nougat chews and then pretend I made them for you.

From: SnixyKitchen

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