15 Vegan Milkshake Recipes: Smooth & Dairy-Free

Milkshakes? For a vegan? You heard right! The recipes listed below are simple, delicious, and dairy-free. Enjoy these 15 vegan milkshake or smoothie recipes …

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1. Morning Mint Matcha Milkshake

Earthy nutty matcha, vibrantly fresh mint, caramelly dates, and smooth creamy coconut incorporate into an early morning mint matcha milkshake or smoothie deserving of morning meal or dessert. Loaded with superfoods like chia, flax, and oats, you can really feel excellent about indulging.

From: SnixyKitchen

2. Strawberry Nice Cream Shake

This vegan, gluten-free and also fine-tuned sugar-free Strawberry Nice Cream Shake is the ideal, healthy and balanced reward for the summertime! 3 active ingredients only!

From: ElephantasticVegan

3. Strawberry Milkshake Or Smoothie Fudge

Often (a lot of the time) when I’m photographing food, I locate it virtually difficult not to consume the whole thing prior to I get the chance to take the photo. Which was certainly the instance with these Strawberry Milkshake Fudge hearts.

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From: WallflowerKitchen

4. Vegan Copycat Brownie Snowstorm

I dream of Dairy products (yes, I fantasize concerning food— regularly). partner obtained a Blizzard the other day, and also it looked so tasty. Thick and also velvety, excellence. I considered for some time, could I make something vegan that tasted similar to a Milk Snowstorm? After some careful thought as well as trial and error. I think it is risk-free to state, when you taste this vegan copycat brownie Snowstorm, you will certainly say, yes. Yes, I can.

From: RabbitAndWolves

5. Vegan Blueberry Day Shake

It’s a healthy and balanced dessert day! I have a recipe for an abundant and also velvety Blueberry Day Shake for you. It reminds me of the old-fashioned trembles I used to order at our late-night senior high school restaurant but this sly date shake dish is made without gelato. Get your straw and a spoon, and let’s obtain sipping!

From: WellPlated

6. Strawberry Cupcake Milkshake Or Smoothie

A pleasant berry vanilla cupcake transformed right into a thick vegan Strawberry Cupcake Milkshake or smoothie. Three creamy layers, whipped cream, sprays— it’s cold dessert via a straw!

From: FeastingOnFruit

7. Extra-Thick Vegan Coffee Milkshake Or Smoothie

Hi people! Say hello to this monstrous coffee milkshake or smoothie! What I such as to call, THE GODFATHER. This milkshake is EXTRA THICK, made with coffee, almond butter, oats, dates and icy bananas to make the best sweet reward to defeat the warm! Appreciate it for morning meal or treat time to maintain you full as well as satiated.

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From: TwoSpoons

8. Vegan Oreo Milkshake

Vanilla ice cream as well as oreo cookies with each other, you recognize it’s mosting likely to be excellent!

I knew it when I covered my homemade vanilla ice cream with gold oreo collapses as well as I definitely knew it when I decided to make this stunning vegan oreo milkshake!

From: LovingItVegan

9. Healthy And Balanced Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

Healthy and balanced delicious chocolate and peanut butter smoothie mix to begin your early morning off right, for a mid-day boost or anytime feel-good snack.

From: NourishYourGlow

10. 3-Ingredient Mango Coconut Milkshake

3-Ingredient Mango Coconut Paleo Milkshake (V, GF, Paleo): a simple, 3 component recipe for extremely thick and also chilly mango coconut milkshakes! Paleo, Vegan, Milk-, Gluten.

From: BeamingBaker

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11. Vegan Overloaded Cookie Dough Milkshake Or Smoothie

I chose to make an Overloaded Vegan & & Gluten- Cookie Dough Milkshake Or Smoothie. Yeah, that’s right— a milkshake or smoothie of my preferred things. Just all mixed together there for the scrumptious satisfaction … ah, the tasty sounds I shall make.

From: NerdyMamma

12. Watermelon Shakes

Watermelon Milkshakes are yum yum, specifically on a warm sweltering summer season day. I would be hard-pressed to consider anything as just as both luscious and rejuvenating. Today, I have a low-calorie vegan variation to show to you

From: MomFoodie

13. Vegan Freakshake Milkshakes

I need to be truthful, I remained in a half a mind not to share this recipe with you all since it’s about as far away from raw as it obtains, however it’s too enjoyable not to share rather frankly!

From: RawberryFields

14. Vegan Peanut Butter Milkshakes

Oooooh this peanut butter milkshake or smoothie is soooo excellent. It’s in fact ridiculous how excellent it is. Don’t make this unless you await some major extravagance.

I indicate it’s not in the exact same category as the chocolate peanut butter shake I made previously. That was a mix of bananas, cacao powder, and peanut butter and thus is something you would certainly have for breakfast.

From: LovingItVegan

15. Oreo Cookie Milkshakes

As a testament to my love of the fantastic as well as remarkable Oreo cookie, I made a decision to make a little Vegan Oreo Cookie Milkshake Or Smoothie. Because, did you understand that Oreo cookies are dairy-free? Isn’t that the most remarkable point you heard this week?

From: NerdyMamma

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