14 Unique Dessert Recipes: Weird & Scrumptious

The following recipes will blow everyone’s minds. They are unique and so very cool – tasty too! Enjoy these 15 unique dessert recipes…

Article Image From: CallMeCupcake

1. Apple Pie with Purple Blueberry Crust

Purple pie crust. It’s a thing of beauty. To be honest I had no idea if it would even work! But I knew I had to give it a shot as soon as the idea popped up in my head. And since we have some beautiful winter apples, I figured that would be the best way to go. Because you can never really go wrong with apple pie, am I right?

From: CallMeCupcake

2. Pumpkin Pie Egg Rolls

These Pumpkin Pie Egg Rolls are a fried, fun twist on a classic & served w/ white chocolate cool whip and ooey-gooey caramel! A new tradition has been born!

From: ShowMeTheYummy

3. Granola Cups

Pack on, cereal out and go on spoon … – no, no, that’s even better! Mix bananas and honey. Mix with oatmeal and nuts. And fill in little muffin molds. Tadaaaa: Small crunchy peels filled with yoghurt and berries and then eaten.

From: SpringLane

4. Incredible Ice Cream Tacos

YOU GUYS. I’m actually dying over how good this recipe is. I can’t explain it in words, you are just going to have to try these incredible ice cream tacos. They are surprisingly easy to make and if you make them for a special occasion (say, the big game day coming up next week!?) people will be so impressed.

From: PrettyProvidence

5. Cream Puff Swans

Pretty, golden cream puff swans filled with rich, creamy pastry cream frolicking in a drizzle of hot fudge.

From: BarbaraBakes

6. Unicorn Poop Cookies

Making these super easy (and delicious!) unicorn poop cookies is the perfect way to get little ones more involved in the kitchen. My girls wouldn’t stop giggling as soon as I told them what we were making, and of course they couldn’t wait to share the silly news with their friends.

From: LifeIsPoppin

7. Rice Krispie Nests

If you’re like me, you look for easy dessert recipes to make for holidays and this one is great for Easter! Instead of making a square pan of rice krispie treats, you use a muffin tin to make individual little bird nests!

From: CrafyMorning

8. Mint Oreo Brownies

Chocolate and mint are a match made in holiday baking heaven.
Especially when the result is a brookie: part brownie, part cookie.

From: AverieCooks

9. Witch Fingers Pretzels

Witch finger pretzel rods are one spectacularly spooky sweet-and-salty treat for Halloween or any wizard-themed party. It takes just 15 minutes and 4 ingredients to make this ghoulish recipe and it’s simple enough to for kids to lend a hand (or at least a finger).

From: TheSpruceEats

10. Fluffy S’Mores Dip

Fluffy marshmallow and chocolate dips are swirled together to make this easy and fun chilled party dip. No heating or melting required!

From: HomemadeHooplah

11. Easy Caramel Apple Taquitos

Looking for a delicious treat to enjoy after a long day? These Easy Caramel Apple Taquitos are amazing and definitely put a twist on dessert!

From: ASparkOfCreativity

12. Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

I hope you’ve been having a Sparkling Fourth of July. Get it? Sparklers? Sparkling!! LOL! 😉 We’ve had an awesome day!

From: LilLuna

13. Chocolate Ravioli

This chocolate ravioli with white chocolate mascarpone filling and raspberry sauce is an elegant, romantic, and unique dessert that is sure to impress!

From: PinchMeImEating

14. Apple Rose Puffed Pastries

These Apple Rose Puffed Pastries are a simple yet elegant way to serve a unique dessert.  Follow this step by step tutorial to make them for your next brunch or Holiday gathering.

From: ToSimplyInspire

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