15 Travel Tips For First Time Travelers To India

Are you thinking about traveling to India this year? You will want to know these 15 travel tips for first time travelers to India…

Are you planning to explore India or is it your next vacation destination? Great!

I am very glad to tell you that your tour to India will be mesmerizing. It is that amazing!

This country is not bounded to culture and religions it is far beyond that. And over the years, India has evolved and is now counted as one of the fastest growing countries across the world. India is considered as one of those countries that leave a long lasting impression on the travelers.

Being a foreigner, you might have some misconception associated to India, but don’t be in a dilemma as in this article I jotted down a list of tips for all the travelers who are visiting India for the first-time:

1. Don’t Let The Digital World Scare You

Are you researching on web too much about the country?

Well, you might become confused as digital media publishes the content that is provoking and connects the reader emotionally.

That means they can print or share bad things about India, which is not truly happening but you may get influenced with such content like poverty, rape cases, etc.

Stop web research right now!

2. Consider Your Budget

India is an affordable travel destination comparatively less expensive than developed countries.

Therefore, if you have a good budget you can go for a luxury tour in India and have a pleasant stay in better resorts and hotels. Besides your flight and stay, don’t forget to add your meals and traveling expenses, before making any decisions.

3. Do Your Homework

Though India is incredible, that doesn’t mean every human being you’ll meet is wonderful. Make sure you research about places you’ll explore so that you don’t miss out anything. Crime is in every nation and being in an unknown place might create trouble for you.

4. People Of India Are Friendly But Shy

People of India are very friendly like when you try to chat with someone in bus or train they’ll definitely respond you back very politely. However, you might not only come across the youth, but also the businessman that are traveling in the same bus, but have been to foreign countries.

Therefore, while talking, make sure you don’t look at people like they are all are from a small village; they might be far more intelligent than you think.

5. Know The Basic Hindi Words

It is obvious that you’ll visit various shops for purchasing things, maybe a bottle of water or some chips. And street shopkeepers are not that educated, so you should have basic knowledge of their national language – Hindi.

Here’s a list of Hindi words:

• Namaste – Hello
• Acha -Good
• Thik Hai – Everything is right, yes or say han or hanji
• Kitna hua or rupia? – How much is the cost?
• Matlab – Meaning?
• Madat – Help

This may sound funny or interesting to you, but just a few good terms can be extremely helpful!

6. What Should Be In Your Backpack

While packing for India, we suggest travelers bringing a mix of light clothing and a few hoodies or jackets. The people of India don’t dress in slum clothing, so being prepared to look good can help.

This is better for you so that you don’t feel awkward in the crowd. Rest is up to you, carry whatever is required! Don’t forget your toiletries either.

7. Don’t Get Scared If You Fall Ill

Every foreigner at day one or two in India falls sick. No need to get scared of such sickness, it’s just bacteria that has and will travel with you throughout the journey, but you’ll be fine after two to three days.

You should do your best to keep a few essential items with you at all times. What you should take with you for medications are as follows:

• Band-Aids
• Cortisone Cream
• Benadryl
• Neosporin
• Birth Control Pills

8. Don’t Travel Too Much

You might have been to great countries for your vacations, but don’t expect long trips and tons of traveling in India, city-to-city rides are peaceful.

You’ll have to go through delaying flights, fight with an autorickshaw, sweat, dust and then reach your destination. So it is advisable for every traveler to at least stay 2-3 days in a city and take proper rest along with discovering.

9. Never Wait For To The Last Minute For Booking

In case, if you want to go for a golden triangle tour in India, which is all about three crucial cities- Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, then never wait for the last minute to book your ticket via flight or train. As the bookings are done at a faster-pace!

Give yourself plenty of time to come to a final decision and try to book your tour a month or more in advance.

10. Do Not Show Off Your Assets

Robbery and thefts are common in India. Therefore it is highly recommendable for the travelers to avoid wearing gold on their body that would attract attention.

Don’t show off your money.

Doing so can put you in trouble with some of the locals who want what you have. Obviously, it’s not that every person is a robber in India, but you never know when your luck will leave you halfway.

11. Patience Is The Key

Traveling to India requires a lot of patience as it is something totally new and foreign to travelers. You might across hot, crowded places and your temper can easily boil, so it is essential that you stay calms and deal with situations maturely.

Always stay focused and try to get a better understanding of what is going on around you.

12. Pretend That You Have Knowledge About The Place

Though you are a first-time traveler to India, don’t let the other people know this.

Walk like a pro in crowds, pretending that you know everything by acquiring knowledge from web or people who have been to India. This will ultimately help you from frauds and allow you to spend your hard earned money on things you love (and actually want).

13. Beggars Are Everywhere

I would highly suggest the foreigner to avoid paying beggars because the vast majority of kids in India are drug addicts. They ask for money just to fulfill their drug needs and sleep.

If you do decide to give, don’t give beggars too much, just one or two rupee or maximum ten, not more than that.

14. Better Sanitation

Sanitation has been improved in India over the years at a greater extent. But you should carry wet wipes and hand sanitizers to stay away from bacteria and infections that might get to you through the use of public toilets and door handles.

15. Visit At The Right Time & Season

This is the most vital tip from rest of the tips: India is a seasonal country.

There are monsoons, which strike different places at different time.

Don’t visit in the month of December, when the roads to mountains are more often closed down due to snowfall and landslides.

Don’t go to Goa in May as there are no parties and June and July where the entire place is flooded with rainfall.


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