15 Pizza Recipes For Your Halloween Party

Everything must be spoooky… OR ELSE! Cook up a couple pizzas for your family and friends and enjoy these 15 pizza recipes for your Halloween party…

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15 Pizza Recipes For Your Halloween Party

1. Spiderweb Pizzas

Serve up a piping hot slice of spookiness with these super-simple pizzas made with pre-baked crust, pizza sauce, strategically placed string cheese, and a black olive spider.

From: WomansDay

2. Frankenstein Halloween Pizza

Classico asked if I would like to celebrate National Pizza Month this October by creating an “Elevated Pizza Night” with my family. It sounded like fun and since my family loves pizza, I thought it would perfect for us! Unfortunately, my oldest and middle child are very set in their ways when it comes to pizza so I decided to elevate our pizza by making it fun!

From: BabyLovingMama

3. Creepy Pizza Hands

Bloody, burnt hands!! These hand-shaped pizzas are perfect for Halloween. Happy almost October!!! What is Halloween, if ain’t something creepy?

From: KitchenAtHoskins

4. Graveyard Veggie Pizza

Scare your guests with this delicious, yet good-for-you addition to your next Halloween party!

From: TasteOfHome

5. Spider Halloween Pizza

I made a simple cheese pizza mummy as we had a few fussy eaters who didn’t want anything on their pizza. These were store bought mini pizza crusts. They took about 2 seconds to throw together.

From: JoAndSue

6. Jack-O-Lantern Pizza

Jack O Lantern Pizza.jpg

Kids will love veggies when you make jack o’-lantern faces with the veggies on top of yummy pizza

From: Tablespoon

7. Day Of The Dead Skull Pizzas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween! (to be sung to the tune of the Christmas song)… The Fork & Beans kitchen is celebrating it’s kickoff of the month-long celebration of the greatest holiday ever with Enjoy Life’s pizza crust* that just so happens to be made without the Top 8 food allergies to make these festive Day of the Dead Skull Pizzas. Now THAT is what I call a celebration! Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween???

From: ForkAndBeans

8. Candy Corn Pizza

This is a great last-minute cheezy pizza that looks just like candy corn.

From: Tablespoon

9. Halloween Cheese Pizza

Surprise those hungry ghouls and goblins with this fun Halloween cheese pizza.

From: BettyCrocker

10. Frankenstein Halloween Pizza Two

My husband actually said that this (pesto pizza) was the BEST homemade (more like semi-homemade) pizza that I’ve ever made, and we’ve been married for a looong time(we are grandparents, after all), so that’s saying a lot!  I must agree with him; The pesto/alfredo sauce blend turned out to be delicious!

From: MunchkinMunchies

11. Jack-O-Lantern Pizza

The cheesiest pizza with the spookiest face.

From: FlatoutBread

12. Halloween Mummy Pizza Recipe

If you are organizing a fun Halloween party, then some creepy Halloween food will be a perfect choice. Here is a simple recipe for Halloween Mummy Pizza. It’s a perfect Halloween idea recipe for kids and adults. Happy Halloween!

From: CookingAndCooking

13. Halloween Pizza

White garlic cream sauce and mozzarella make a ghostly good white chicken pizza!

From: LandOLakes

14. Ghostly Pizza

Frozen pizza dough is the secret to this easy pizza which is topped with slices of mozzarella cheese shaped like ghosts.

From: MyRecipes

15. Easy Halloween Spider Pizza

Revel in its creation! Enjoy it’s gooey, spidery-ness of spider-dom! Or just eat it. Whatever.

From: NerdyMamma

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