15 Heavenly Cold Iced Coffee Recipes: Simply Perfect

The summer heat isn’t cooling off any time soon but you sure can! Sit back in your reclining lawn chair and take a sip of some of the best coffee around. Each sip brings you a burst of flavors and energy too! Enjoy these 15 heavenly cold iced coffee recipes…

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1. Iced Caramel Macchiato

Forget about heading to Starbucks for coffee fix and make your own caramel macchiato at home!

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2. Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee

Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee – Easy homemade cold brew coffee infused with vanilla bean and served with Simply Pure Vanilla Coffee Creamer. This smooth, creamy and slightly sweet vanilla coffee is just as good as the coffee house versions.

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3. Easy Salted Caramel Iced Coffee

Most days I pop my favorite flavored coffee (LOVE my flavors) into my single-serve coffee machine and find a bit of a break in that delicious brew. It’s a simple moment of escape that manages to bring some happiness back into my day and allows me to focus on what lies ahead (which is a lot), with a smile.

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4. Vegan Iced Coffee

Two weeks ago we shared how we prepare our coffee every morning. Mike brewed up some v60 coffee, which creates a clean, smooth, and great cup of coffee. Since we don’t drink a lot of coffee, we love having our cup be the best we can make, I mean why not?

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5. Homemade Mocha Frappuccino

Homemade Mocha Frappuccino – a copycat coffee drink perfect for the hot days of Summer! It takes only 2 minutes to whip it up!

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6. Turtle Iced Coffee

Hey y’all! I’ve got a fun and delicious beverage to share with you today. If you’ve read my blog before, you already know that I’m a big fan of chocolate turtle candy. It’s the best!

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7. Homemade Frosted Coffee

Once these temperatures hit, I make the transition from my favorite cup of joe to iced coffee – my summer fuel. And today we’re sharing a fun and tasty summer treat just in time for the summer months, a Homemade Frosted Coffee.

From: ANightOwlBlog8. Iced Caramel Macchiato

Iced Caramel Macchiato – Layered espresso drink, vanilla syrup, cold creamy milk, espresso and caramel for a delicious at home Starbucks favorite. DIY coffee drink recipe is easy, delicious and frugal!

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9. 1-Minute Instant Iced Coffee

This 1-minute instant iced coffee is the best way to enjoy a cup of coffee in summer! If you haven’t tried it yet here is your chance!

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10. Spiked Thai Iced Coffee

Thai Iced Coffee has quickly become one of my favorite alcoholic coffee drinks. This Thai Iced Coffee Recipe is such a refreshing, flavorful, and easy iced coffee recipe. We have made an alcoholic as well as a non-alcoholic version of this delicious iced coffee recipe, which infuses spices right into the brewing and uses sweetened condensed milk for both sweetener and creamer.

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11. Iced Caramel Mocha Latte

Sayonara coffeehouse!  With just four ingredients, you can create a delicious and less expensive Iced Caramel Mocha Latte in the comfort of your own home.  No barista experience required!

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12. Skinny Vanilla Iced Coffee

Healthy iced coffee made with cold (leftover) coffee, almond milk and without any added sugar. On a hot summer day, this glass of iced coffee will satisfy your late afternoon sweet tooth craving.

Much cheaper and healthier than Starbucks, and it’s so darn easy to make at home.

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13. Easy To Make Iced Mocha

With a toddler who has been waking up earlier than normal, I need all the energy I can get these days. Especially with a full day ahead of digging in the dirt, going for bike rides, and chasing the geese out of our backyard. And I’m all about needing my morning coffee to get through the day.

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14. Cold Brew Vietnamese Iced Coffee

This Vietnamese-style inspired coffee combines concentrated cold-brewed coffee with ice and condensed milk, for a cold and refreshing drink.

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15. Lavender Honey Iced Coffee Recipe

There’s nothing better than an iced latte in the scorching heat of summer. In the winter, we love warm peppermint mochas and pumpkin spice lattes, but that’s a little too rich for the heat. This time of year, we’re opting for a Lavender Honey Iced Latte. This drink is light, floral and best of all, dairy-free and refined-sugar-free to keep it healthy and indulgent at the same time!

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