15 DIY Candles For Your Home: Homemade Heaven

How would you like to have your home smelling like a wonderland!? Give one of these 15 DIY candles for your home a try…

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15 DIY Candles For Your Home: Homemade Heaven

1. Rosemary Lemon Candle

Good morning sweet friends. I hope you are having a beautiful start to your week. I am so happy to be joining Lucy and each one of you again today to share another inspiring project. And if you have a few minutes to spare I would love if you stopped by to visit us at A Burst of Beautiful to see what we’ve been working on.

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2. Scented Mason Jar Candles

There are many scents to choose from. While pine is quite popular, other scents such as citrus, coffee, vanilla or a combination of one or two. Whatever your nose fancies – it’s really up to you!

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3. Fig & Sandalwood Candles

These DIY fancy french candles (sort of) are budget friendly and super easy. Seriously, they can be made in under 30 minutes easy.

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4. DIY Apple Pie Candles

A DIY mason jar candle is an easy project that is inexpensive and you can make it any scent you want!

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5. DIY Autumn Cinnamon Spiced Candle

I love the scents of autumn-whether it’s putting on a simmering pot or the smell of fresh apple bread baking-it’s an easy way to lift my mood. This week on a particularly dreary rainy day I decided to make a scrum-delicious smelling cinnamon spice DIY candle and it was so easy I thought you all would enjoy trying one for yourself!

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6. DIY Layered Scent Candle

I’m kind of hooked on making homemade candles. They are so much fun to make. (And super easy too!) The really great thing about these DIY holiday candles is that each layer is not only a different color, but also a different holiday scent. So as the candles burn, the delicious scent of peppermint, or balsam or frankincense wafts through the air.

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7. DIY Gingerbread Candles

Happy December! Nothing like the scent of gingerbread to get you in the holiday mood! A good scented candle can certainly do the job. Unfortunately, artificial scents are not very desirable for your health or the environment.

From: PinsAndProcrastination

8. DIY Oil Candle Lamp

The lovely glow these lamps give would be great at the table for a dinner party or next to you in the bathtub with some essential oils, for a relaxing soak. Just looking at them makes me feel relaxed!

From: WallflowerKitchen

9. Caramel Latte Tea Cup Candle

This Caramel Latte Tea Cup Candle makes a lovely gift for a coffee drinker on your holiday gift list. The best part is that you can make it easily and in a short amount of time.

From: SimplyStacie

10. DIY Pine Scented Soy Candles

If you’re looking for an easy last minute gift these pine scented, striped soy candles are such a lovely way to spread a little Christmas cheer! Not only do they smell amazing, but they also look so charming on a table.

From: SugarAndCharm

11. DIY Mason Jar Candles

This project uses a mix of beeswax and soy wax, Mason jars, pressed rosemary leaves, and essential oils. The scent of rosemary is purported to help aid focus and memory, plus it smells wonderful and cozy mixed with the beeswax and evergreen essential oils. These easy-to-make candles can be used as beautiful handmade gifts or a special treat for just you!

From: GardenTherapy

12. Coffee Scented Candle

I am such a fan of coffee scented candles. This easy tutorial for Coffee Scented Candles is a great choice for a fun and unique gift idea. Give them as gifts to any coffee lover or use them to scent your home! The tutorial uses soy wax flakes and real coffee grounds.

From: PremeditatedLeftovers

13. DIY Peppermint Mason Jar Candles

How to make soy peppermint candles – create handmade peppermint scented mason jar candles and tea lights to give to friends, teachers, neighbors, and co-workers this holiday season.

From: APumpkinAndAPrincess

14. DIY Homemade Lavender Rosemary Candles

I get it. You were with me until I mentioned, “candles”, right? “I mean, really? Candles? That just sounds way too complicated? I thought this whole homemade thing was about simplicity?”

From: LiveSimply

15. Pumpkin Spice Mason Jar Candle

A Saturday afternoon spent candle-making = my bliss. There’s something really rewarding about seeing a project through and then being able to use and enjoy it immediately.

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