13 Terrific Toffee Recipes: Small Hard Candies

Toffee is a hard candy that softens when you suck or chew on it. It’s a caramelizing sugar (or molasses) along with butter, and sometimes flower. They are sure to wow the family and friends. Enjoy these 13 terrific toffee recipes…

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1. The Best Toffee Recipe Ever

This English Toffee recipe comes from our Aunt Delsa. It’s the best toffee recipe I have ever tried. (And I’ve tried a bunch) The texture is perfect, and the flavor divine. Don’t be nervous about making toffee.

From: JamieCooksItUp

2. Classic Homemade Almond Roca

Are you looking for the best Almond Roca recipe?  This is it!  Perfect every time. The rich caramel covered with smooth chocolate and smashed almonds is delicious and contains no corn syrup.

From: SuburbanSimplicity

3. Sea Salt Pecan Toffee

Sea Salt Pecan Toffee is the answer to your snacking and sweet tooth dreams. Do I exaggerate? Sometimes, yes. But right now? Not really. There aren’t a whole lot of foods that I label as “The Best Ever,” or “Crack,” or “crazy insane amazingly delicious” but this Sea Salt Pecan Toffee is exactly that. All of those things. It is EVERYTHING.

From: BarefeetInTheKitchen

4. Graham Cracker Toffee

Nobody will guess that this sweet toffee starts with graham crackers. Brickle Bars are the next best thing to homemade candy!

From: ShugarySweets

5. Homemade Toffee

This is my family’s first holiday season in a new city, and we’re trying to maintain as many of our previous traditions as possible while building new ones. One of our favorite things to do during the holidays is to make homemade treats for family and friends. This homemade toffee is perfect for gift giving, and so simple to make, too.

From: IHeartNaptime

6. Peanut Butter Ritz Bits Toffee

This Peanut Butter Ritz Bits Toffee is a super tasty dessert that’s perfect for any occasion. The toffee only takes about twenty-five minutes to make and then an hour to set. This recipe is inspired by the classic toffee candy made with saltines.

From: ThisIsNotDietFood

7. Chewy Salted Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chewy Salted Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies – Buttery, soft & chewy sea salted toffee & milk chocolate chip cookies!

From: FoodieCityNetwork

8. Trim Healthy Mama Easy Toffee Recipe

Nothing says Christmas to me like toffee. This recipe makes it possible for you to enjoy the buttery, nutty, chocolate-y flavor of toffee while sticking with your Trim Healthy Mama

From: MargeauxVittoria

9. Gooey Chewy Toffee Brownies

Today we’re talking about brownies.
Only brownies.
Moist chocolate brownies.
But first… Toffee.
There’s an obsession with toffee.
Sugar, butter, vanilla extract, salt. Melted and caramelized.

From: MindOverBatter

10. Easy Toffee Graham Crack

I had never seen or tried Toffee Graham Crack before but I ate one and I was hooked! Confession: I ate every single one and my husband (and kids) never even got to try one.

From: CocoaNDash

11. Chocolate Honeycomb

Cinder toffee is something we traditionally eat on Bonfire Night, but you can eat it all year round. I’ve made versions of it before, but never included a slathering of chocolate, so when I spied this recipe from one of my favorite blogging friends, Gemma from Life is Knutts, I knew some of these babies had to be mine.

From: TheCulinaryJumble

12. English Butter Toffee

One of the Hubster’s very favorite candies in the world is toffee. He will never turn down good toffee. When we were at Disney last fall, he used a lot of his snack credits for the English butter toffee that they sell all around the parks. He got so many, we had extra to bring home.

From: Bakingdom

13. Easy Homemade Toffee

An unbelievably easy, no-fuss, homemade toffee recipe. So addictive, you won’t want to share!

From: DamnDelicious

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