12 Tips To Become An Optimistic Person

Is the glass half full or half empty? Optimism may make you think of happy, smiling, or joyous people without cares, but this isn’t necessarily true. Read more about 12 tips to become an optimistic person…

What Is An Optimist?

An optimist is a person who tends to be hopeful and confident about the future or the success of something. Optimists aren’t constantly and eternally happy – they simply have a generally positive outlook on life and value hope. Optimists usually have important traits like perseverance, faith in their abilities, and enough self-esteem to carry them through the bumps in the road of life.

They believe that their actions mean something and they matter in the world. You are not born either way. Both qualities, pessimism and optimism, are learned in your early childhood and change as your life shapes who you are. Optimists blame less, continue working through setbacks, and know when it’s time to cut negative situations from their life (such as people or events).

Optimists seek harmony – they blend time, effort, mindset, actions, thoughts, experience, and luck to create something they believe in.


Why Is Optimism Good?

Research data suggests that optimists receive better health and social benefits over pessimists. They’ve been found to live longer, have better lung capacity, longer-lasting relationships, and survive cancer treatments at a higher rate.

Optimism is not a cure-all for every problem on earth but it has solid advantages. It helps you cope with the harsh realities of life and take failures with skepticism. Optimism will help you grow from constructive criticism, learn to be more responsive to challenges, and teach you to be creative (and work harder) for a positive outcome.

Optimism and pessimism are contagious. The main difference between the two is attitude. Optimism may not change everything, it can help others see greater opportunities, happier endings, inventive solutions, and lasting relationships.


Bringing Optimism Into Your Life

1. Find Optimistic People

Like we said before, optimism is contagious. Seek out other optimists in your life. They will show you the ropes on how to focus on the positives of life. Hang out with those who enjoy happiness and take on challenges.

2. Move On

It’s extremely easy to get stuck in the past. Notice that many people still live in it (the past that is). Listing off things they used to do, previous relationships, or mistakes they made years ago. Optimists know when it’s time to move on to something better – like their future. Learn to understand what you can change and what you cannot.


3. Avoid Aimlessness

Overcoming feelings of aimlessness requires you find a purpose for your life. You should avoid feeling like a failure. Find something that makes you want to wake up early and do. Set goals, update them often, and accomplish them when you can.

4. Everything Is Temporary

This moment will pass, hardships will improve, and the worst problems will have a solution. Optimists still have failures, bad times, and setbacks, but they don’t allow it to bring them down for forever. Life can get in the way of your dreams and goals. Weeks (and even months) may pass, but you must learn to always return to your passions.


5. Look For Solutions

Don’t just quit when things get hard. Optimists look for a pleasant end to every situation and look for solutions instead of continuously placing blame. Everyone is dealt a hand in life, but it’s up to you to play the hand you have.

6. The Blame Game

Every moment you spend blaming others is a moment you could’ve spent trying to find a solution or solving the problem. Teach others how to learn from their errors, and if the blame resides with you – embrace, correct, apologize, learn, and move on (SEE #2).


7. Only Expect Excellence

Optimists expect the best from themselves and others. Just because another person may have little expectation of what they get out life, doesn’t mean you should expect any less than what you deserve. Expectations are also contagious – expect the best and you might get it!

8. Stumble On Joy

The small achievements should excite you. Enjoy the colors in the world around you, the acts of kindness you witness, a conversation among friends, and life in general. Take the small joys instead of seeking one HUGE one.


9. Give Your All

No matter what you are doing you should give your all. Go the extra mile for a friend, put in exceptional effort at work, and help others feel better. Optimists make the most out of every opportunity.

10. Lighten Up

Nobody likes a negative nancy (sorry, Nancy). Stop allowing defeatist attitudes to hijack your happiness. Seriously! You can always find problems if you are searching for them. Learn to let things roll of your back and take things with a grain of salt. A quick way to kick some negativity out of your life is to avoid the news like the plague. Believe it or not, other people will tell you about what is going on in the world – so you don’t really need to waste your time (or risk your mood) watching it.


11. Always Learn

When you stop learning you stop growing. Anything from failed business ventures to destroyed relationships can teach you something new. Take each delusion, disappointment, and disagreement and turn it into a valuable life lesson.

12. Act Like An Optimist

It’s time to, for lack of better words, “Nut Up or Shut Up.” Things will only get better when you take these tips and implement them in your daily life. Stay open with your feelings, bring positivity into your conversations, and walk through life with a sense of joy. You will slowly start to notice changes in your life as you make your journey from an “optimist-in-training” to an “optimist expert.”

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