12 Easy Things To Do Every Day To Become Smarter

It only takes a little bit of motivation and determination to become smarter. It’s not hard either! Substitute a book summary for a news article, find friends that test your mind, and more…

1. Morning Water

A long night of sleep means a long night without water. Water is important to balance your fluids and filtrate waste products in the body. 16 ounces of water (or two glasses) can offset the fluid deficit and increase your ability to complete mental tasks.

2. Book Summaries

Reading a book is great, but early mornings usually require something a little shorter. Try to find a book summary of a best selling book someone mentioned to you or you had your eye on. Just google: *Book Title* Summary.

3. TED Talks

TED talks only take a couple of minutes to listen to, and they provide you with intellectually stimulating information. Instead of wasting your time watching the news (which preys on negative energy and fear), find a fascinating TED audio/video on inspiring individuals talking about their life’s work.

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4. Friendly Discussions

Find someone who disagrees with you on any topic. Debating with them helps you sharpen your arguments and persuasion. Avoid topics that will result in fighting.

5. Nature Walk

Taking a walk outside has numerous benefits. The plants supply a greater amount of oxygen into the air, the mind calms down, and your blood circulates better. Walking at lunchtime can give you a boost of energy to finish out the day, while walking in the evening can help you wind down for a nice night of sleep.

6. Pocket Notebook

Smart people always carry a notepad in which they jot down ideas, questions, and sketches to review later. Keep a pocket-sized notebook, or simply using your notes option on your phone, on you to write down interesting things that come to mind.

pencil sharpened with shavings on the notebook page

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7. Daily Plan

Planning out tomorrow before it arrives allows you to be more productive. Everyone knows how to stay (or seem) busy, but few are actually productive. Working smarter is definitely better than working harder, so figure out what your plans are for tomorrow.

8. Physical Fitness

Exercise can strengthen your body-mind connection, and you don’t even have to do it every day. Pumping out some push-ups and sit-ups in the morning, a 10-minute walk in the afternoon, and some cardio in the evening can offer fantastic health benefits.

9. Smarter Friends

Did you know that if your friends or family are obese, you have a higher chance of becoming obese too? With this same idea in mind – if you have friends that are smarter than you, some of their patterns will rub off. Expose yourself to people who can push you to be better than your former self.

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10. Try A Brain Game

Games specifically designed for training cognitive function of the brain can improve concentration and memory. They boost mood and might even help prevent cognitive decline with age. Try some brain games on your phone to keep your brain functioning at a higher level.

11. Set A Focus Timer

Don’t let procrastination take a hold of you. If you feel you are slowly slipping into the social media trap, set a timer to remind you to get back to work. An easier way to do things is figuring out what set amount of time you’d like to work and an amount of time you’d like to relax. We recommend a 25/5 or 52/17 split.

12. Fatty Acids

High sugar snacks and junk foods ruin your ability to focus. The intense highs and lows can derail your productivity. Pick healthier, fattier foods the next time you make a run to the grocery store. Fish, fresh produce, grains, nuts, and oils can provide a stable energy source to keep you on track.

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