11 Totally Awesome Twix Recipes For Halloween

What do you do with all the Halloween candy you get from trick-or-treating?! Bake it into something great, of course. Enjoy these 11 totally awesome twix recipes…

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1. Twix Brownies

Use up that extra Halloween candy to make these DELICIOUS Twix Brownies! We always have a bunch of mini candy bars floating around inside the Trick-or Treat pumpkin. This is such a great way to use those up.

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From: SavingWithShellie

2. Chocolate Layer Twix Cake

A delicious layer cake that will delight any Twix lover. Soft and fluffy chocolate cakes with a creamy caramel frosting, topped with chopped Twix bars, crushed shortbread cookies, and homemade salted caramel sauce!

From: HandleTheHeat

3. Homemade Twix Bars

If I’m going to eat candy, I’d much rather make it myself than buy it at a store. That way, I know what’s in the food and it tastes a hundred times better! Of course, my kids love it too. Around Halloween, I enjoy pulling out the double boiler, melting some chocolate, whipping up a caramel and creating homemade treats.

From: DeliciouslyOrganic

4. No-Bake Twix Pie

No-Bake Twix Pie.jpg

Halloween is such a fun time of year. The weather has changed, there is a chill in the air, and fall is in full swing with pumpkins and decorations galore. Another thing that is also in full swing during this season is more candy and chocolate bars than you can imagine.

From: BiggerBolderBaking

5. Twix Blondies

Twix Blondies are what sweet caramel dreams are made of! Take a buttery, brown sugar blondie, load it up with tons of chopped Twix Bars, sea salt and chocolate chips. They’re chewy with crunchy bits of shortbread baked inside!

From: CookiesAndCups

6. Halloween Slutty Brownies

I know. Just the name is outrageous. They are described by the original creator of the “slutty brownie” as “oh so easy, and a little bit filthy.” Sorry. I hope you aren’t scandalized, especially since it is a perfectly accurate description.

From: HeatherChristo

7. Twix Bar Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have a thing for Twix Bars. And for chocolate chip cookies. And my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe is even better with Twix baked in.

From: AverieCooks

8. No-Bake Twix Chocolate Slice

This No Bake Twix Chocolate Slice is seriously good. And it’s no wonder! Filled with delicious cookie crumbs and rice cereal and topped with a showering of Twix bars, it is indeed a special treat. One that will most certainly cure the afternoon blues.

From: SweetestMenu

9. Twix Frankenstein Cookies

Dressed up as Frankenstein, these fun Twix® Frankenstein Cookies will be the talk of your party. You can make the dough weeks ahead and keep in your freezer. To make it super easy, the crisp cookies can be baked days before decorating and stored in a tightly sealed plastic bag at room temperature.

From: DixieCrystals

10. Caramel Apple Twix Salad

I finally found a way for my sister to eat “snickers” salad without having to worry about her peanut allergy…TWIX CARAMEL APPLE SALAD! This is to die for. You won’t be able to stop eating it, seriously.

From: CraftyMorning

11. Mummy Halloween Brownies

Twix Bar Mummy Brownies – Twix Bar Mummy Halloween Brownies are quick and easy Halloween treats anyone can make! So cute and fun for kids, they’re the perfect Halloween desserts!

From: AdventuresOfMel

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