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11 Master Tips For Weight Loss

Your senses play a huge role in how you chow down. Everything played a role in what you chose to eat – how it looks, feels, and smells. We’ve found 11 ways you can trick yourself into eating less…


1. Ask yourself: Am I really hungry?

Smelling food can heighten saliva rates and make you feel hungry when you might not be.

2. Get away from neon colored foods.

Cut back on sugary cereals, Skittles, and boxed mac and cheese. Stick to the natural colors of nature.


3. Buy heavier silverware.

Believe it or not, a heavier knife and fork can improve the quality of food and make you feel more full.

4. Eat slow-paced foods.

Fast foods, such as smoothies, juices, and shakes, won’t fill you up as much as you think. Stay with foods that involve a good amount of chewing.

5. The packaging isn’t the answer, the nutrition label is.

Packages that aren’t as flashy may be more appetizing to the eyes, but it has no effect on the nutrition of the food. Be sure you’re reading about what you’re consuming.


6. Hold your meal.

Holding the bowl in your hands can make you feel fuller faster as you notice the weight change in the dish.

7. Swap out the dishes.

Everything is supersized today, even the dishes. Swap them out for smaller sized dishes. This will help you control your portions.

8. Play some slow-paced music while you eat.

There is a reason why fast food restaurants always play fast-paced music. Prepare a meal at your home and turn on some slow, quiet music when it’s mealtime.


9. Go for plain yogurt.

Flavored yogurts don’t satisfy you any more than plan yogurt – they just have more sugar (which will actually just make you hungrier faster). Buy plain and add the fruits and oats you’d like.

10. Drink less alcohol.

People who drink more also tend to eat more. Alcohol can make you want to eat, and then you might end up overeating too.

11. Focus on your chewing.

Eating crisp, crunchy foods can help you feel more satisfied. Remove as many distractions as you can while eating.

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