11 Churro Recipes: Delicious Mexican Dessert

People will wait in hours to get their hands on a classic churro – you won’t have to. Enjoy these 11 churro recipes!

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11 Churro Recipes: Delicious Mexican Dessert

1. Easy Churros

Easy Churros – fail-proof homemade churro recipe that you can make every day Drizzled with chocolate sauce and into heart shapes, so good

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2. Churros With Chocolate Sauce

If you are not familiar churros, they are one of the best Spanish desserts ever.  At vendors, people actually wait in line for hours to get just one of these tasty treats.

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3. Air Fryer Churros

My daughter has been begging to make churros. I didn’t want to deal with the mess of oil so I procrastinated as long as I could. So we mixed up the batter and got the cinnamon sugar ready. I heated up the oil and cooked a few batches in the oil. And they were kinda gross. They just felt heavy and with all that oil it had so much cinnamon sugar on it.

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4. Churro Bites

I love Mexican food.  On Cinco de Mayo I like to take the opportunity to make one of our favorite Mexican Dishes.  This year I am going to throw these Homemade Churro Bites into the celebration.  I have never made them before but have always wanted too.  I am always tempted to get a Churro when I am at Disneyland…the smell or warm cinnamon and sugar is just too overwhelming to pass up.

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5. Homemade Churros Recipe

After the success of the buñuelos stacks, I figured more fried cinnamon sugar goodness was in order. And churros just seemed like the right move. Yum! So, if you’re looking for a sugar party on a stick, check out today’s recipe for cinnamon sugar churros…

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6. Yummy Churros

For those who are as clueless as I am and wondering what churro is, well simply put it is a fried-dough pastry said to have Spanish origins, it is then covered in fine or powdered sugar, sometimes with cinnamon and usually comes with a dip, chocolate being the popular one.

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7. 20-Minute Churros

Churros are incredibly easy and terrifically delicious. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover these!

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8. Oven Baked Churro Recipes

Are these a 100% just like fried churros, no, but they are really close! These don’t puff up as much as the oil fried churros & they aren’t fried so they are slightly different in texture but almost the same. I definitely prefer these over fried churros because they are easier to make, less messy, & a little healthier.

From: TheSemisweetSisters

9. Churro Poppers

Who can turn down a good churro? Not me, that’s for sure! Especially when they’re still warm, and soft on the inside, crisp and sugary on the outside. These churro poppers are a fun way to enjoy homemade churros without all the work of piping the dough. They’re delicious little bites of cinnamon sugary goodness!

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10. Homemade Mexican Churros

I never made it at home myself and I had never been to Mexico prior to the cruise so the only basis of churros I had was one from a warehouse store, lol!

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11. Easy Homemade Churros

Have you ever tasted authentic Spanish churros? If not, put them on your bucket list or make these homemade churros to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings right away!

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