10 Things You Should Tell Yourself Every Morning

Give yourself a reason to fight for your dreams and keep hope alive. Find happiness and success by starting off each day by telling yourself these 10 things every morning.


1. Today is a new day.

Maybe yesterday was a bad day, or the past week has been awful; however, today is a brand new day. It’s another day to take a step forward, to change whatever you need to, and be whoever you want to be. The bad will pass and so will the good, so make the most of today.

2. Yesterday doesn’t define me.

All that endures from yesterday is your memory of successes and failures, and these successes and failures do not define you. You create your own definition.

3. I will be the best version of me.

We aren’t perfect and we never will be, but you should always strive to be the best version of yourself. You are unique, you are special, and nothing can ever change that.

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4. I don’t know everything.

It’s okay to ask questions and ask for help when you need it. Knowing everything is impossible, so if you don’t know – ask.

5. I can achieve all my dreams.

You can achieve all your dreams no matter how out of reach they may seem. Age is just a number and time is the only restriction. Take a step towards your dreams each day.


6. It is okay if I fail.

Everyone fails. You need the courage to get back up and start over. Don’t be afraid to fail because failures help bring you closer to success.

7. I deserve the best.

Don’t let anybody or anything dictate what you deserve. You deserve the best and shouldn’t be guilted into thinking differently.

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8. I control my own happiness.

Nothing controls your happiness. Things or people might affect your emotions but they can’t control them. Your happiness is in your own hands. Wake up and choose joy, peace, and happiness.

9. I won’t worry about tomorrow.

Don’t waste time worrying about what is to come because it will arrive in due time. Take the time today to make yourself more prepared for tomorrow.

10. Today is a miracle.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. Time waits for no man, so make the most of today. Love, laugh and enjoy the moments of your life.

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