10 Testosterone Infographics Every Man Should See

One in four men suffers from low testosterone. Are you one of them? Read these 10 testosterone infographics to learn more about testosterone, its effects, and how to naturally increase it.

1. What Real Men Say About Low Testosterone

From: EveryDayHealth

2. Libido On The Low

Have you not been feeling romantic lately? Libido –– also known as the desire to engage in sexual activity –– will occasionally drop. If yours has changed unexpectedly, it’s important to know why.

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3. Men Need Estrogen, Too

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4. The Sign Of Low T

Getting older definitely has some challenges and the primary cause of most of your “aging” problems is due to a change in your hormones!

Usually, you have less of the “good” hormones and more of the “bad” ones… And in men, it all starts with Testosterone!

From: DrSamRobbins

5. Natural Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

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6. The State Of Man

Average testosterone levels in men have been steadily declining over the past few decades. Sub-optimal T is at the root of this generation of men who are fat, slow, weak, depressed, and have difficulty getting it up. The reasons for this decline in manhood are diverse, but can largely be narrowed down to lifestyle factors such as nutrition, lack of exercise, sleep deprivation and elevated stress levels. Since it’s lifestyle factors that have led men down this path, it makes sense that optimizing these factors will have the opposite effect: an increase in natural T production.

From: TripleYourT

7. Simple Ways To Keep Healthy Testosterone Levels

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8. Essential Oils For Men

You should never ingest essential oils unless under orders from a medical doctor. To explore the natural sexual benefits of winter savory essential oil at home, try using the extract in a massage oil. Mix two Tbsp. of coconut oil with 4 drops of winter savory essential oil, mix well, and enjoy the earthy aroma.

From: EssentialOilExperts

9. Effects Of Testosterone On The Body

Testosterone is a vital male hormone that is responsible for the development and maintenance of male attributes. Women also have testosterone but in much smaller amounts.

From: Healthline

10. 18 Foods That Boost HGH Levels

Human Growth Hormone or HGH is important for Testosterone production, which offers numerous muscle building benefits among others.

From: Skinny2Fit

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