10 Self-Care Charts To Help You Feel Your Best

Boost your self-esteem and bring back your confidence. Don’t listen to what other people say – self-care is perfect for your mind, heart, and soul. Take a break and check out these 10 self-care charts…

1. Practice Self-Care & Feel More Energized

You’ll learn how to incorporate a self-care practice into your routine so you can feel happier, more energized and enjoy each day.

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2. 101 Simple Ideas For Self-Care

The title says it all!

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3. 30 Ways To Practice Self-Care

Self-care is all about identifying your own needs and meet all those needs. Focus on yourself and do some activities that nurture your physical, mental, and emotional health. It seems easy and simple, but people often forget about their own needs in their busy lives. Practicing good self-care can improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and teach you how to treat others.

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4. The Dimensions Of Self-Care

Are you tired of hearing the word self-care yet? These days, the whole world seems to be talking about making time for you and starting your own self-care routine (oh wait, I totally did that too). Even though this topic is all over the interwebs, I’m definitely glad to see people retreating from the culture of busy and realizing that finding time for ourselves is vital to living a happy and fulfilling life.

From: TheBlissfulMind

5. 25 Self-Care Ideas For Bad Days

When bad days strike, it’s nice to have a list of self-care ideas you can pull out to help make things a little better, or even to proactively keep up with self-care so you feel better in general.  Here are 25 self-care ideas for bad days. 😃  Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference!

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6. 30 Day Self-Care Challenge


Want for Wellness is proud to present… The very first 30 day challenge from it’s own hand! This trial will focus on improving your mind, body and soul in an easy and resourceful way. And you’ll have everything you need to complete this challenge in and around your home! So are you up for a new challenge that focuses on you and your mental, physical and spiritual progress? Do you have little time, but do you want the full benefit of improving and relaxing yourself? Tag along for the 30 day self-care challenge!

From: WantForWellness

7. Self Care Guide

Self-care is a requirement for a happy life, but it is often really challenging to make it a priority when there are so many other conflicting things that pull our time and attention. This self-care guide is designed to help you gently incorporate self-care into your life by assessing where you are right now in six different categories of self-care.

From: SoulWarriors

8. 50 Ways To Practice Self-Care

It also isn’t an act of selfishness. Practicing self-care means that you’re willing to accept yourself and acknowledge the fact that you have both strengths and weaknesses. When you take care good care of yourself, you also set the standards for how you want to be treated by others.

From: ThirteenThoughts

9. 101 Ways To Practice Self-Care

What is self-care? Learn why self-care is important and get 101 simple self-care ideas to incorporate into your life.

From: SimplyQuinoa

10. 50 Things To Do By Yourself

Over the years, I have gradually become so much more comfortable in spending time alone, and I think it is because I have always made sure that I am putting my energy into doing things that I love.

From: JoChunyan

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