10 Peak Prime Rib Recipes: Savory Steak

There is a reason why prime rib is referred to as the king of beef. We’ve found the most delicious prime rib recipes around. Enjoy!

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1. Coffee Rubbed Prime Rib Roast

Here’s the deal. I know that coffee on steak sounds totally odd, but I promise, you do not even realize you are eating coffee. Just like coffee makes chocolate shine, it makes meat shine too.

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2. Prime Rib Philly

Yes, you saw that correctly, deli sliced PRIME RIB.  We all know prime rib is one of the best forms of cow on the plate.   Now it was going to be the best form of sliced deli meat on a roll.I had sliced Swiss in one hand and prime rib in another and you know that onions and mushrooms were not going to be far behind.

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3. Perfect Prime Rib Recipe

My husband Jack is here today with his recipe and tutorial for making a Perfect Prime Rib. His approach is actually a little different than most recipes you see online these days – but it is what he learned in culinary school and it has always resulted in a perfect prime rib roast at work or at home!

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4. Prime Carne Asada

I make my foolproof prime rib every year during the holidays, and a few years ago I somehow ended up with leftovers of our delicious prime rib in my fridge. So rather than heat it up and have it just be okay (it really is best the day you make it), I decided to use those leftovers to make something NEW.

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5. Prime Rib Steak Sandwiches

What do you do with leftover prime rib? Make an out-of-this-world prime rib steak sandwich, filled with tender meat, melted cheese, and sweet caramelized onions, that’s what.

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6. Garlic Butter Herb Prime Rib

Garlic Butter Herb Prime Rib is melt in your mouth tender and juicy prime rib that is cooked to medium rare perfection and marbled with fat.  The seared garlic butter herb crust is incredible!

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7. Herb & Garlic Prime Rib Roast

Our recipe for perfect prime rib roast is mouthwateringly juicy, unbelievably tender, and extremely flavorful, with a crackling herb and garlic crust. We have a foolproof prime rib rub recipe with fresh rosemary and thyme, and we’ll show you how to sear the beef, roast it, and prepare a savory red wine mushroom sauce — all in one cast iron skillet.

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8. How To Cook Perfect Prime Rib

Let me show you how to roast a perfect prime rib, step by step, with proven, fool-proof method using reverse sear technique as seen on Serious Eats.

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9. Perfect Prime Rib Roast

Perfect Prime Rib Roast should be served for dinner this holiday season. Want to know how to cook a prime rib roast? This is the best prime rib recipe!

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10. Smoked Prime Rib

Prime rib is a big holiday favorite (it’s even better cooked in the smoker vs. oven). It’s dramatic. It’s big. It’s delicious. Let’s be honest, it’s also incredibly expensive! So when I talked to Sean, aka the pitmaster, about posting our recipe and technique for smoking prime rib we had to be detailed. If someone is going to commit to cooking this epic dish for family or friends this holiday season they need to be confident they can pull it off, right?

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