10-Minute Yoga Workout For Better Sleep

Are you having trouble falling asleep? It’s more common than you think. Read more about this 10-minute yoga workout for better sleep…

Having trouble falling asleep is quite a common by-product of various lifestyle factors and underlying disorders that we are encircled by today. The racing of thoughts, worry, anxiety, and stress can lead a person through several periods of a disrupted sleep cycle, the result of which are irritability, drowsiness, and lethargy.

For catching up on a good night’s sleep, it is essential for the body and mind to be in a calm and gentle pace with each other. The body holds stress in several areas of the body due to which falling asleep can be quite the task.

This can be sufficiently slowed down with the help of a gentle practice of Yoga. Calm the mind, stabilize the heart rate, and get ready for a rested sleep. Here are five amazing yoga poses for you to try and be on your way to a relaxing stupor.

Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

Sink into the comfort of ambiance and mental poise when coming into Viparita Karani. This pose shall instantly relax your back, hips, shins, calves, chest, abdomen, and heart – the major stress and anxiety holders of the body. The pose shall release you and bring your mind to rest.

How to Do: Lie on your back by the side of the back of the bed. Lift your legs up against the back or the wall. Bring both your legs together. Keep the legs straight, well rested against the wall. Place one of your hands on the chest and the other on the abdomen. Close your eyes. Gently feel the rhythm of your heart as your hands fall and rise with each inhalation and exhalation.

Remain in the pose for 2 minutes.

Supine Twist Pose (Supta Matsyendrasana)

This amazing posture is a classic ‘cooling down’ asana for easing the body and mind into a calm and relaxed state. The pose releases tension in the chest, abdomen, and oblique muscles.

How to Do: Lie in a supine position on the floor. While keeping the arms a few inches away from the body on each side, close your eyes. Lift the right leg, bending it at the knee. Raise it to rotate it towards the left side of the body without moving the torso. Feel stress and aggravation melt away as you remain in the pose for 30 seconds before coming back to perform it with the left leg.
Hold the pose for 2 minutes.

Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Ahh!! The perfect asana to feel like a care-free child once again — totally relaxed and devoid of worldly matters.

How to Do: Come into this pose by sitting on the heels of the feet, both legs bent and folded at the knees. Gently roll the torso forward to let the forehead touch the mattress. Spread the arms in the front- straight. Focus on the sound of your breath. Reach that happy place!

Practice this pose five times for remaining in the position for 25 seconds with each repetition.

Supine Bound-Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)

Also known as the ‘Lying Goddess Pose’, this is a wonderful asana for releasing the hips, quadriceps, inner thighs, abdomen, back, and feet.

How to Do: Lie on the back. Fold your legs at the knee so as to clasp both the feet together – glued at the soles. Keep the right hand on the abdomen and left on the chest. Taking slow and deep breaths, feel the rhythm of the heartbeat as your belly rises and falls with each breath followed.

Hold the pose for 60 seconds. Repeat the posture two times.

Single Leg Happy Baby Pose (Ardha Ananda Balasana)

Feel the exuberance of a baby while performing this pose. Feel the pent-up emotions melt away while all the sleep-impeding anxieties are put to rest.

How to Do: Lie in a supine position on the bed. Now lift one leg upwards to bring it to your chest. Gently hold the leg by holding the toe. Repeat the same on the other hand.

Hold each leg for 15 seconds before switching to the other leg. Repeat the asana four times.

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