10 Healthy Living Tips For Young Girls & Women

1. Try Not To Skip Breakfast

Don’t skip your breakfast ever. The average teen girl should eat 1,600 to 1,800 calories a day if you’re not very active and 2,200 to 2,400 calories a day if you’re physically active.

2. Avoid Unhealthy Fats & Junk Food

You don’t have to completely cut out all junk food for the rest of your life, but ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner definitely isn’t a good choice.

You’re probably thinking, “Who eats ice cream three times a day?” So a more realistic example is… cereal/donuts in the morning, potato chips/cereal bars for lunch, and ice cream for after dinner dessert.

3. Drink 8 Glasses Water Every Day

This is really a minimum requirement. You should drink as much water as you need, which can end up being far more than 8 glasses if you’re active or do anything outside.

If you eat a meal and still feel hungry, you might just need a few glasses of water to do the rest of the job.

4. Sleep 7-9 Hours Each Night

Getting an adequate amount of sleep can extend your life, keep your bodies cycles in check, and help you feel energized for the day.

Sleep can improve your mental health and attitude as well.

5. Protect Your Skin

You can slow the effects of aging if you take care of your skin. Use lotions when it’s dry, avoid staying out in the sun all day long, and know what your skin needs.

Everybody is different, so getting to know your skin is vital.

6. Have A Hygiene Routine

Don’t wing it every time you’re in the ladies’ room. You should know what type of skin/hair you have, what it needs, and how to take proper care of it.

Do you have thick or thin hair? Dry or oily hair? Do you need conditioner? How often do you need to wash your skin? How often to moisturize? These are questions you should have the answer to.

7. Drink A Milk Alternative

At a young age, milk was a cheap and easy option for most households and filled the cereal bowls and glasses of almost every breakfast and lunch. However, the Calcium and Vitamin D you’ve heard so much about, isn’t as great as it seems. Most of the Vitamin D was added during the pasteurizing process and flows right out of your body, while the calcium actually isn’t worth the “osteoporosis prevention.”

A new study found, women who drank three glasses of milk or more every day had a nearly doubled risk of death and cardiovascular disease, and a 44 percent increased risk of cancer compared to women who drank less than one glass per day, the researchers found.

Men’s overall risk of death increased about 10 percent when they drank three or more glasses of milk daily, said the study, published online Oct. 28 in BMJ.

8. Choose Different Colored Vegetables

Brighten your plate with vegetables that are red, orange, or dark green.

Try acorn squash, cherry tomatoes, or sweet potatoes. Spinach and beans also provide vitamins like folate and minerals like potassium that are essential for healthy growth.

9. You Don’t Have To Choose Fat-Free/Low-Fat Dairy

Choosing fat-free or low-fat cheeses and yogurt to get the vitamin D and calcium is what everyone may recommend but they may be leading you down a crooked path.

For years, nutrition guidelines have been instructing people to avoid whole milk, mainly due to its saturated fat content. 

Mainstream nutrition recommendations advise limiting saturated fat due to its supposed connection to heart disease.

In recent years, this recommendation has been called into question. There is now plenty of experimental data to indicate that eating saturated fat does not cause heart disease.

10. Silver Lining For Girls/Ladies

  • Try not to make too many changes at one time.
  • Be positive.
  • Have some food fun.
  • Be healthy. Be beautiful. Be you. Because you are beautiful. There is no need to listen to any unnecessary comments. You are beautiful in your way and can improve your life if you truly want it.

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