10 Fitness Myths Debunked In Minutes

Everybody is telling you the wrong things about exercise and weight loss! Well, unless they’re telling you the same thing we’re telling you – the TRUTH. Enjoy these 10 fitness myths debunked in minutes…

1. Muscles Don’t Turn To Fat When You Don’t Exercise

They will get a little smaller over time, but fat and muscle are two completely different things that can’t be turned into the other.

2. Lifting Weights Won’t Turn You Into The Next Arnold Schwarzenegger

Almost all women (and most men) don’t have the ability to develop huge muscles unless they’re spending hours each day in the gym.

3. You Can’t Target Specific Areas

Fat doesn’t get “zapped” off your problem areas by working on them more. Your body fat must be decreased as a whole.


4. Waist Trimming Belts Won’t Help

All they do is is make you sweat, so the best you could do is lose a pound or two of water weight. Then, when you rehydrate, you’ll gain it back.

5. The Best Personal Training Has Certificates & Degrees – Not The Best Fitting Shirt

The “biggest” or “best looking” personal trainer isn’t always the best option. Stick with individuals that have a degree in exercise physiology or some other related field.

6. Don’t Stretch In The Beginning

Start with a light warm-up and then stretch your muscles if you’d like. Stretching cold muscles can lead to injury.


7. You Can Still Get Fat Eating Fat-Free Foods

Fat isn’t what makes you fat. It’s the processed junk and excess calories that make you fat. Many times, the fat substitute has just as many calories as the regular fat.

8. You Don’t Have To Exercise All At Once

You don’t have to spend an hour in the gym if you don’t want to! A 15-minute walk in the morning, 30-minute walk at lunch, and 15 minutes in the evening will work just as fine.

Bodybuilding hand training dumbbell

9. Exercising During Pregnancy Does Not Increase Miscarriage Rates or Birth Defects

Prenatal exercise is absolutely safe for most women, as long as you consult your doctor first and don’t try to max out on your squats 8 months in.

10. Spicy Foods Will Not Speed Up Metabolism

No food has special fat-burning powers – not even the superfoods with big labels on them. However, foods with capsaicin have been known to help reduce appetite.

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